Submitted by Jim Quinlan on Sun, 2005-10-02 08:58

Jim is on the right track here.  Ten years ago, my asthma was so severe that I actually went into full respiratory and cardiac arrest.  Paramedics did CPR on me on my front porch in front of my family.  Asthma completely destroyed my life.  But even though I was diagnosed with asthma by no less than 10 doctors, it was chlamydia pneumoniae that was the real culprit.  After finding research of Dr. David Hahn who treated asthma with antibiotics, I took zithromax for 14 weeks (1000 mg a week) and my asthma is now 100% completely cured.  I went from being extremely ill for 10 years to a strong person again who actually hiked hundreds of miles of the appalachian trail.  Completely rid of asthma.This bacteria is nasty !  Don't let people talk you out of researching this.  The hardest part is finding open minded physicians who will prescribe the medications.  Perseverence could change your life.I have additional research on my website which details my asthma cure and story if you're interested.  Good luck all.