Submitted by supaguy on Sat, 2016-11-26 19:26

A week ago, I had just returned from London after having made a long round trip with an overnight stay. I'd met up with an ex-CAPer / Lyme survivor. This chap was hosting a visitor that was doing Vega testing on a whole tump of people.Anyway, I had the test run on me. I was already well aware that this sort of thing is regarded as quackery by the medical establishment. After a good 40 minutes of testing, I was shown my results. I was told that I had all sorts of infections, including an intestinal worm, babesia, CMV, flavivirus, borrelia and yes, Chlamydia Pneumonia.I have been spending time holding two copper electrodes in my hands whist using this zapper. I am not sure whether I am being successful in zapping my infections but I certainly feel tired and depleted after my rather epic trip. We shall have to see.SmileG.

Hey Supa Guy ...

Does this machine turn you into a vegan? It could be that the machine in your possession is one of ours.  Will you turn into a true vegan? Can you still eat meat while you're using it?  Will it give you my smooth complexion and fair skin?

Reading your posts, it seems that you are still worlds away from good health (you recently mentioned being on the floor).  Anyway, I do wish you astronomical success with one of our machines.


Hey SG, I should look up flavivirus if you haven't already, before you wake up dead!...........................Sarah

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