27 Apr 2018

Tinidazole -v- Metronidazole


I have just finished my 2nd Tini pulse, i have done 20 Metro pulses.  are either of these antibiotics better than the other?  do they both kill the bacteria as well as each other or does one get places the other can't eg: blood brain barrier? I am finding the Tini so much easier to take and managed 5 days with no problems where as with the Metro I have not been able to do a 5 day pulse for months and have missed several pulses because I could not face taking the metro.  i have always felt there was something in the metro which did not agree with me.


Hi, I recently swapped metro for tini - much easier for me and I wander why I spent so long on metro - yes it did make me depressed etc - I am now on day 5 of pulse must be no 32 by now - still walking big prob for me but can at least see out of both eyes.  Best to you all, love S

diagnosed RRMS 2000 - had v little trouble til 2009 when changed to SPMS - since then things got steadily worse.   Had ccsvi procedure 3 times, helped with general fatigue but did nothing for walking - started abx 24.08.2

Stratton and Sriram originally used metronidazole not because it was better than tinidazole but because it was the only one of the two available in the US.  It was also less expensive.  David has still never prescribed tinidazole because it hasn't been much used over here either, but he never recommended to me that I stick with metronidazole, so I guess there is nothing much to choose between the two except that the former makes more people feel like giving it up.....................Sarah

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

Thanks for that Sarah.  I will stick with the tini now as I can do 5 days easily (touch wood).  I just wanted to make sure there was no reason to suffer and stay with the metro.  Tini is harder to get over here as my GP has to get a medicare authority to prescribe the 5 days of tablets. thanks again for putting my mind at rest.

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I never took metro and except for my first 1 day pulse of it was able to do 5 days and eventually a month of it.  It is a much new drug so may be better tolerated because of the technology available at the time of it's development.  And yes it is much more expensive and you only need two pills per day not three and if you can stick out 5 - 7 day pulses and not feel like you are weighted down then  my take on it was that is the one for me.Not sure if a generic is avail in the US so that may be part of the excessive cost here.

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