27 Apr 2018

Those dastardly evil things called antibiotics!


Here are some current news articles in circulation in the UK on those dastardly evil things called antibiotics (or the naughty people that keep using them). You get the flavour of things and things to come.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-33970539http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-33970544http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-28134564When I first started to write on this site, I found some of the responses and comments confusing.


Supaguy, lots of prescriptions given in the UK are totally inappropriate, but unfortunately many people here who are genuinely ill are likely to suffer from the coming crackdown: I suppose that your mate Dame Sally, will before long work to have it made illegal to buy stuff from abroad without prescription, so maybe you had better stockpile a bit.What realy annoys me is the fact that unless you buy assured organic meat, you are likely to be taking some sort of antibiotic without even knowing about it.  I am sure that this is where much resistance comes from.......................Sarah

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Excuse me, Sarah! Dame Sally is not just my mate; she’s The Girl-of-my-Dreams (especially as shown herself to be a raving feminist too). Yes, I think that Dame Sally and her mates at NICE, like Professor Mark Baker and others, will introduce legislation to outlaw antimicrobials unless the treatment is for themselves or their kind only if they get their way.(Doesn’t Professor Mark Baker look a mean-spirited character?)The absurdity is that legislators in one jurisdiction naïvely believe that they can legislate for their tiny sector of the world and this will affect the whole planet. As you quite rightly say, most of the hundreds of thousands of tons of abx produced annually goes into agriculture and aquaculture. Dame Bint concedes that fact herself.All being well, I will be off to Spain towards the end of September. When I’m out there, I’ll see if things remain as lax as they used to be.SmileG.

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Oh sorry Supaguy, I didn't realise that Sal was the girl-of-your-dreams!By the way, Mark Baker certainly  looks like someone you wouldn't want to come across in a dark alley.Incifdentally, you can still buy stuff over the counter in Spain, but only enough for say, a week's worth, so you will have to travel the country, buying a week's worth in each town...................Sarah

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

In Australia it is illegal to import any item already available. (If that makes sense). You can import for personal use 3 months supply(I think) of any item not available(not registered). You can import not available stuff for longer term by getting yourself a special permit. These come in 2 flavours a) life saving drugs - new drug for your heart attack etc - which need no prior approval but a hospital can import and use in patient and then doctor fill in forms later for example b) non-life saving which you apply to the govt for your paperwork PRIOR to import....    Also that all applies to registered medications - there are lists of what would make it registered...  Making therapeutic claims at all (even for a vitamin) would require approval to import for sale. The item would be assessed for quality and safety. ie does it contain what it says, and are there no toxic stuffs in it. Th facility that manufactured it woud need to be assessed for standards of operation. Any therapeutic claim would need to be backed up in some way. Eg If I sell Vit C as Vit C I'm fine... If I sell it labelled as "Cancer Cure" I better have some evidence Vit C may cure cancer or I will be made to take that off the label!

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The clincher if you do it you MUST have a prescription. With a prescription the CAP antibiotics are cheap to buy(get the script written for a couple of months worth at once and shop around)."To purchase or import a prescription medicine in Australia, you must have a valid Australian-issued prescription." from http://www.tga.gov.au/community-qa/buying-medicines-and-medical-devices… would think getting a prescription may need perserverence but  my local GP is a fellow and examiner of the RACGP IIRC and he has MS patients on CAP. So there are good ethical doctors that will suspend their disbelief or what the professional body hammers into them and will prescribe. Shop around rather than run in with customs etc who can be a little funny sometimes.In a previous life we imported implant lenses that could not be accessed in Australia... my uncle preferred these lenses but felt in unethical to sell to his patients so we set up a business and they had the choice of us or the regular suppliers of lower quality lenses... Imported AMPOULES of lense in sterile salt solution in a sterile THEATRE pack that cannot be opened by customs gets them thinking... "Ampoule=drug= these are drug runners" Despite the packages being marked as sealed under customs supervision in UK or Japan we ALWAYS had to go wrestle customs for them. At one point I had to threaten them with telling the patient's family to go to current affairs shows when patient would need to say blind as bat for 6 months if they would not hand over parcel on the day before  last day my uncle could operate before he headed off for more training time(and booked out theatre on return)... Suddenly the parcel that was stuck on wharf and MUST be opened there and inspected appeared from under a desk. They had flagged us as "regular" importers and same with the senders. They seemed to get every one. YMMV

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A strong reminder here:ANY conversation about purchases of this sort ALWAYS brings spammers to the site, which causes grief and extra work.And, the conversation is treading right on the precipice of being removed entirely.  If anyone doesn't understand why, please go up top and re-read the guidelines for discussion here.   Use private messaging if you want to chat about this topic.  Thanks.

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