A common disorder of the facial skin exhititing redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead, small visible blood vessels, bumps or pimpleson the face or irritated eyes.

Dianna's GFA victory.

Submitted by paron on Thu, 2009-02-05 19:47

Dianna did a one-year CAP for GERD, rosacea, high blood pressure and several other complaints, all of which started approximately simultaneously. This CAP ended nearly a year ago at this writing. The GERD and high blood pressure are still gone. Today, after walking from the parking deck into the clinic, it was 113/75. The GERD returned briefly after she had general anesthetic for an unrelated condition, but went away after about two weeks. The rosacea was completely gone at the end of her CAP, however, it has rebounded slightly. A doctor involved in the treatment of the unrelated condition took her off "all that funky stuff," including NAC, so. . .

New Handbook page on Cpn & Rosacea

Submitted by Jim K on Thu, 2007-03-01 12:29

I'm very please to announce the addition to the Cpn Handbook of a page on Rosacea and Cpn put together by our own intrepid member Red. Red has been a pioneer in applying the CAP for Chlamydia pneumoniae to his own condition of rosacea, and has been instrumental in educating many of us about this condition through his own experience on the CAP, as well as his careful studies of the biology and research which connects them together. I know that all of you reading his page will learn more whether you have rosacea as part of your own Cpn difficulties or not.As we have prevented comments in Handbook pages, this thread might be a good place for any feedback or discussion about this addition.

Essential Observations by Dr. Charles Stratton on Chlamydia Pneumoniae Infection and Disease

Submitted by Jim K on Tue, 2006-09-12 16:57

I am very excited to present the following article that summarizes Dr. Stratton's recent observations on Chlamydia pneumoniae infection. Putting it together has contributed greatly to my own understanding of Cpn as well as to my appreciation of Dr. Stratton's generosity with his time, and his great depth of knowledge of this area. Thanks to him for his contribution. Jim K Recent observations by Dr Recent observations by Dr. Charles Stratton on Chlamydia Pneumoniae (Cpn) Infection