Submitted by Jim K on Wed, 2005-08-24 22:35

Since a CFS doc found high titers of Cpn and started treating me for it I've spent a lot of web-time trying to learn about this nasty little bug and the newly emerging research and treatment methods. So much has been scattered in different sites and focused on one specific disease.

I really thought we were missing something by not having a centralized source of information: a place where we can collect and compare stories, research we've found, progress (or it's lack) in treatment, and begin to find the commonalities and differences in the treatment process across and between different disease diagnoses.

As this site develops, it will do so by whatever community of folks form with interest in it: patients, researchers, physicians, friends and fellow travelors with other occult infections and inflammatory conditions.

We hope to add a survey form which will track responses to treatment using objective and subjective information for those using various treatment protocals directed at Cpn infection for a variety of diagnoses.

Your comments and feedback, and contributions, will help us grow and discover. Keep checking back as the site develops over the next three or four months.

This was needed, as like you I've spent countless hours just trying to find folks & info that  have had any experience w/  the antibiotics.  I just started w/ the antibiotic treatment 4 weeks ago.  I'll post a log of the treatment here in the next few days.