Submitted by Minimal4Me on Tue, 2017-03-28 11:29

Hello, I'm new to the site. I found you in comments on The Perfect Health Diet site (authors, Jaminet). I'm 52 and have been declining in health for the past 10 years. Once very fit and active, cycling and bootcamp almost daily, I started struggled with muscle pain, joint pain, and fatigue around 2007. I'm suspecting either Lyme or C. pneumonia infection. Symptoms initially seemed like classic Hypothyroid, though TSH was always in range, so my old doc would not treat me. Things that happened around 2007: I divorced, moved to a home with a garden that came with a lot of yard work, and bought a summer cottage in Long Island near the Ferry to Connecticut, where I also did a lot of yard work.Joint injuries started. I injured my foot around 2009, tore my miniscus in 2011, got frozen shoulder in 2016.I did physical therapy/acupuncture for all three and recovered complete range of motion in each. The joint pain started in 2013. I had remarried and we moved to a new house. Family members came to help us move and I caught a virus/cold/flu. I was in bed for a week with a stiff neck, headache (I never get headaches) and dry cough. The family member who carried the virus came down with full blown bronchitis that turned into pneumonia. That Sunday tinitis/TMJ/toothache was so bad I made an appointment to see my dentist. But by the evening it had passed and I never felt it again. I ended up not seeing a doctor, which was a mistake in retrospect. I had already taken time off to move and felt I couldn't be away from work again.When I was laid off from my job in january 2016, I made the decision not to seek a full time office job but to work from home and take on freelance assignments. This gave me flexibility to rest up (I was feelig increasingly fatigued), the energy to change doctors, and the ability keep up with my growing list of supplements and ancestral eating plan throughout the day.My new primary care doc is an improvement, but I feel I've exausted her theories (and her patience). I have her to thank for discovering vitamin deficiencies and diagnosing IBS-C. But I can sense her waning interest when I do things she doesn't agree with, such as not putting grains back in my diet (for fiber, she says) and choosing to follow an herbal protocol to treat the SIBO-C (it worked!). With my vitamin D and b12 levels back to normal, I am feeling more energy and less muscle aches and cramping in the last year. Some symptoms have improved. But some are worse, and there are new ones. The most troubling currently are:

  • Insomnia, despite circadian rhythm entrainment, intermittent fasting and melatonin
  • Fatigue, especially after eating, which I only do twice a day at 2:00pm and at 8:00pm
  • Night sweats (sometimes sweating after eating as well)
  • Pain and weakness in hands and fingers
  • Nodules growing in my finger joints - especially right pinky finger knuckle
  • Painful plantar fasciitis and a nodule on the side arch of my foot under the big toe
  • Weakness, akin to drop foot, in my right foot, where one toe has contracted like a claw
  • Poor healing - a recent mole removal left a *cigarette paper* scar
  • Dry eye and two bouts of conjunctivitis since January
  • Dry mouth, bleeding gums

Despite my joint pain and fatigue, I exercise daily though it's no where near my old boot camp level - walking t/th/sat and yoga m/w - stretches and light weights most days. I feel better afterward.I'm taking many supplements: B12, D3, copper, zinc, selenium, magnesium, Atrantil (for SIBO-C), B complex, A, condroitin, lions mane, aloe juice. I cook almost all of my food - including bone broth that I make weekly. I follow the Perfect Health Diet (PHD) - a moderate carb diet - no sugar, no grains (except white rice), no additives, no soy, no seed oils, emphasis on organic vegetables/fruits/plant-based starches, grassfed and pastured protein.A recent cold made me realize that my joint pain in my fingers disappears when I take Benadryl and my plantar fascitis recedes when I take Mucinex. I reported this to my doctor on her patient portal and she wrote back that I should see a Rheumatologist or Internal medicine doc. She offered to refer me, but I'd rather choose my own. If anyone knows a Rheumy in the New York area - or farther, I will travel - who is AP friendly, I'd appreciate the info.Thanks in advance!