27 Apr 2018

Redhill formula has no NAC or tetracycline - opinion of microbiologist?


Was wondering in D W (or any other microbiologist on the forum) could provide any advice around the Redhill CAP formula when used to treat Cpn.It does not contain NAC or a tetracycline...so could it eradicate the Elementary Body (EB) and Reticulate/Replicating Body (RB) lifestages of Cpn effectively? I guess the formula does contain rifabutin, so would suppress the conversion of EB to RB.The formula seems like it would hit the Cryptic Cpn lifestage hard.thanks in advance,


What is the 'Redhill CAP Formula'?

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It's being developed by an Israeli company and you take everything together in one tablet or capsule.  Of course, as is common with these things, you have to be relapsing remitting and be taking betaferon or something similar at the same time.  I can only imagine what my personal microbiologist thinks....................Sarah

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