Submitted by MMHHPP on Fri, 2016-10-21 04:31

 Hi all,yesterday i came across with a talk from a canadian university were they talked about what is promising in MS for the future. Thay talked about ocrelizumab for ppms , stem cells and minocycline . i went to ms society webpage and this is what they say about minocycline : currently on phase III trial for RRMS. " Researchers reported that minocycline reduces the relative risk of MS in the six months after people experience their first clinical demyelination event by 44.6%." they also studied it in combination with Copaxone in a phase II study and found:"The study showed that there was more than a 60 per cent reduction in new lesions in people taking the combination treatment (compared with those taking Copaxone alone). The study authors concluded that minocycline used in combination with Copaxone may be beneficial for people with MS and that further study was required."… bit too late for me now but just in case any of you find it useful.take care you all xx

yes, but they will claim that minocycline works, because it penetrates into the brain and reduces microglia activation and inflammation, not because it kills cpn.

simply, it reduces the pro-inflammatory cytokines and enhances the anti-inflammatory cytokines.