27 Apr 2018

Recent NAC studies indicating it speeds up cancer growth


Hello everyone, I am a long time lurker here but am only recently diagnosed with CPN after years of disabling illness labeled cfs that has left me housebound. I planned to buy NAC today online but first thing I came across is that NAC has been shown to greatly increase cancer tumour growth and spread in mice. It's also been shown to decrease survival rate in mice by over 50 %. This seems to be true of lung cancer and skin cancer.I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on whether this should concern us when taking it ?


Briefly:I am a lay person and have no medical qualifications at all.I don’t have the web links to hand but my understanding is that chlamydia pneumoniae plays a significant role in allowing lung cancer to thrive by preventing apoptosis of CPn infected cells that become cancerous.NAC is known to “Kill” the elementary bodies of chlamydia pneumoniae; that’s why we take it. The alternative to taking NAC is to take amoxicillin. The taking  amoxicillin comes with its own dangers too (C.dif for instance), however I seem to recall Dr Charles Stratton saying that he couldn’t see how you could defeat CPn without the use of amoxicillin.Again, I am sure others will chime in and add to the debate. SmileG.

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I, too, have no medical training, but I have had cancer and have taken 2400 NAC daily for years and will for life and have an opinion.  I wonder if Vit D levels were taken.  I bet not and I would also bet that if levels were high that cancer would not grow at an increased rate.Rica

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Autumn, if NAC does make cancer cells divide more quickly, it has only been found in mice who are given the disease in the first place.  On the other hand, amoxicillin is far more likely to give you c diff when taken with the other antibiotics when you don't have need.You are panicking because you want so much to get better, so ease up and try not to worry so much.  As Supaguy says try to get your GP to prescribe the treatment normally used here, which you can see on this site:http://www.davidwheldon.co.uk/ms-treatment.htmlThere is a pdf file which has the whole site somewhat abbreviated which you can print out and give to your GP.  After six months or so you might well be able to change to rifampicin, like I did.......................Sarah

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