27 Apr 2018

Rating System: Let's Make it Mean Something


Hi, everyone - In browsing today, I find a number of topics tagged as "Tens" and little else.  If we're being asked to rate topics, should we not be a bit more judicious in our responses?  I think the point is to find a way to direct users to the most helpful and pertinent information.  Some of what I've seen tagged as a "10" today may be poignant or it may be humorous, but it seems a waste to send new users to a boatload of "10's" that, quite simply, aren't.   And, if we don't start being objective about what's a 2 as opposed to what's a 10, the rating system will be useless, which


 Thankyou Mac! We need your stern voice of "straighten up and fly right."

And don't anyone dare think of rating this post!

I will enable the ability to change your vote on past posts, so we can correct this. I had exactly the same worry about the star system, which is why I didn't enable it for blogs, fearing it would become a popularity contest, not a usefulness contest. Mac has outlined exactly what the intention was for, so listen to her voice of reason. Remember that she has been ill like you, and we don't want to strain her by making her say it again!

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