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Last Monday, I was so inspired by JaneK's post, I decided to start a pulse myself. I am early this time but at least I get it in before my holiday. This is, I think, pulse # 45. I have one more day to go.I remember that on my last pulse, a strange thing happened. When I go to bed at night, I put my sticks up against the chair where I sling my clothes. In the morning, I know exactly where my sticks will be. During my last pulse, I remember getting up one morning to go to the bathroom (which is immediately next door to where I sleep). I looked for my sticks but they were not there. I wondered whom I could blame for moving them. That did not and would not help me anyway; I needed to go to the bathroom. After hobbling along to the bathroom, without the aid of my sticks: there - up against the shower cubicle door were my two sticks. I have yet to work out how they got there. I am keeping an open mind; ghosts, malicious trickery and payback by others within the very small household have not been ruled out. On reflection, some of the tricks that I have played in years gone by, do probably warrant vengeance. I suppose placing a spooky recording in an apparently otherwise empty room; or putting a walkie-talkie under a pillow and then making noises from afar will bring payback. She however emphatically states she didn't move my sticks. Perhaps I will see further mysteries from this pulse and beyond.G.

Perhaps you used them to get to the bathroom and LEFT them there, without realizing it?

(I do SO hope that's the case!)

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Gosh MacK! Why on earth didn't I think of that? And there's silly old me blaming the ghost.

It's now a long time since I had hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I remember that the oxygen would make me forgetful. I would be in the tank for well over an hour. On a couple of occasions, at the end of the session, I would leave the chamber and would almost reach the front door before being called back by my good friend Stuart. He was waving my sticks, which I had obviously forgotten and left in the chamber. He had this strange sort of knowing smile on his face. The lesson is clear: hyperbaric oxygen makes you forgetful. Good job I stopped having it, eh?

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Well, Supaguy, that must be the one good thing I've ever done and i'm so glad to have inspired!

Mackintosh is, probably, sensible and correct! ! My memory used to be amazing, very annoying for my husband that i could recite, verbatim, conversation from, exactly, 16 years ago, now i get frustrated that i can't!  I also had hyperbaric, and don't know if it has any resemblance to my Father-in-Laws oxygen  intake, as a Polish airman, during WW2, but his memory was astonishingly good, all his life!  His lungs weren't, but that's too much  pure oxygen for you!

i would also blame ghosts, but friendly ones, knowing that the stumble to the bathroom could tell you, how much improved your mobility is! ... i said improved, not repaired, i know it isn't that easy! But, maybe, reason to feel confident that you're travelling in the right direction!. Keep on improving and enjoy your holiday!


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