27 Apr 2018

Posting issues...


JimI've been having intermittent issues when posting content here, either to forums or to blogs.  There are two problems.The first is that my signature isn't always included in the post.  I've noticed this on occasion and try to correct it when possible.The second is that for some reason, some of my posts do not create a caption from the first line of the content as it should.  I've noticed that when I review the post, it places the date and time above the first line of the reply rather than below it.  I've fidgeted to try and correct it several times, but that usually results in a post wit



I was unaware of Bleu's association with the site as the web developer / programmer and directed my post to Jim as I thought he was the primary.  In addition, I want to make sure that the reason I posted this message rather than sent a private message is because it provides the opportunity to serve as a FAQ (frequently asked question post) for this problem, should others have it too. 

all my best


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best, JohnRRMS/EDSS was 4.5, 5, 6, 6.5, 6.9999, 6.5 on Wheldon/Stratton Protocol beginning 04/12/2006nac 4x600 mg/daydoxycycline 2x100mg/dayazithromycin 3x250mg/day MWFmetronidazole 3x400mg/day then 3x500mg/day

 John- I have not heard of others having this problem (although may now!). One test: try it on another browser than the one you usually use. IE is notoriously quirky as Microsoft doesn't pay attention to any standards but their own. Try Firefox, or if Mac Camino works great. Let me know.

Oops, it cut off a line from my signature! We'll see... 

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