Submitted by boadicea on Sun, 2021-09-12 11:34

I'm starting this post as a blog post, as I'm curious about where blog posts are appearing - or not appearing - since the site update.  It looks as though new blog posts might only appear in 'Recent content' and then disappear, which would be a pity, if that's the case.

Sarah - you recently started a new blog post, which appears in 'Recent content' (4th one down, at the moment, when I look here). 

But, if I go to 'Blogs' in the menu, I can't see it there.  The last blog post there is dated 26.04.2018. 

If, instead, I click on your name and the choose the 'blog' option, it's not there either.  The last post there is dated 08.04.2018.

Updating our blog posts, and reading through the blog posts of others who had done this before us, used to be such an important part of things.  Not sure whether I'm missing something obvious, but hoping I'll fathom it when I see where this post appears.

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Boadicea, I think that Pinky has got the blogs working now. How is your list?


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All seems perfect now, Sarah. It looks as though Pinky has worked some magic, as all the blog posts now show where they should. Many thanks to you and to Pinky. Much appreciated x

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