22 Nov 2020

How many people have eradicated their CPN via the CAP protocol and how long did it take?



Coming up to 2 years now on the CAP.  I was a bit premature in thinking it might have gone a year ago.  Progress is so slow, it is hard to measure, but I think I am able to do more than a year ago (when not affected by a virus, which is a frequent occurrence).

How many people have had success getting rid of CPN using the CAP?  And how long did it take you?


My Dr (who is a specialist in CFS) is of the opinion that if the antibiotics were going to work, they should have worked by now, although so far he is supporting me as I want to continue with them.  I fear if I stop now, I may get worse again and undo the hard work of the last 2 years.  On the other hand, I don't plan to be on antibiotics forever.  My liver AST and ALT appear continuously elevated, but not by too much.  My understanding is that this is common on the protocol.  

Any more thoughts on this?  Thanks for taking the time to read.