3 Jan 2020

What's the best CPN test these days?


My dear man, who exhibits several symptoms I suspect are cpn-related, just had a blood draw done to determine levels of vitamins, hormones, etc. I reminded him to have the lab check for cpn. They did not. They said the 'only' test for cpn is an oral swab. I'm finding this unlikely, and maybe even ludicrous.

So, can anybody tell me what the most reliable test currently is? Bonus points for suggestions for a lab and the testing code. Thank you so much!



The best blood test is a C. pneumoniae specific IgA Elisa. We used a test kit from SeroCPquant: Savyon Diagnostics, Israel with some success.

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I'll broach that. I'm concerned this lab tech didn't even grasp the difference between cpn and c trachomatis.

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