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I haven’t been around here lately. Just checking in to let everyone know how things are going. If you recall, I was treating Cpn, Mycoplasma, Lyme, Bartonella, viruses and Mold exposure.
I feel I kicked most of these after years of abx treatment.
But kept getting exposed to mold and Cpn.
In 2016 I went on the Buhner herbs and found them very effective for Cpn. I do a month of herbs every other month now.
Environmental mold is still bothering me and I had lots of problems with my gut from that. Been taking NT Factors Phospholipids for that and it’s healed my system.
So the two fronts I fight on now are keeping Cpn in check and avoiding mold.
I still take 2 grams of NAC, lots of supplements especially to heal the adrenals. I also take Iodine and have been able to reduce my dose of T3 as body temp is almost normal.
Since I retired from teaching, I have much less exposure to sick people. I try to avoid crowds and shop at the markets early during the week.
I’m still using my infrared sauna and eating a good diet. I work out on a treadmill, take hill walks and do Yoga every week.
Hope everyone is doing well with their treatments!
Happy New Year,

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Glad you have checked in, Raven. Good to read your update.  I remember reading many of your past posts when I started out here. Hope this year will be a good one for you x

Neuro symptoms & many health problems from 1989. NAC+all supps(04/11) CAP(05/11-10/17)

I, too, am happy to see you stopping by. Sending you good wishes for a happy, healthy new year!

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Raven, glad to see you as well! How is your art going now? You have reappeared at a very suitable time because I would like to ask you to post a couple of your images for the new members to see. The site is rather image free at the moment, but having now paid for more space, we can cure that!

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

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