22 Nov 2018

Growth of Chlamydia pneumoniae Is Enhanced in Cells with Impaired Mitochondrial Function


This may well have been posted before, and may not be new to the experts here. But its a detailed article and just less than a year old. Seems to very much confirm David Wheldon's and others' advice re: antioxidant supplementation, mitochondrial function, etc whilst treating CPn.

Most of the article is far too technical for our purposes, but ill post the abstract below.

I think it most likely makes a case for NAC quite strongly - i seem to remember reading how NAC can somewhat reverse mitochondrial hyperpolarisation.


Also makes me believe that combining antibiotics with HBOT would seem to be a highly synergistic approach. Considering HBOT potentiates antibiotics, kills pathogens on its own, reverses some changes due to hypoxia, and helps regenerate neural, and other, tissue. However probably more as an addition later on in treatment, after being on the antibiotics a while (which is what the HBOT folks recommend with Lyme and other similar infections). Otherwise you might overwhelm your system a bit.

Chronic sinusitis, more recently noticed neurological and cognitive problems. Gotten more severe.
CPn, mold exposure.