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Hi everyone,

i’m asking everyone wiser than me, and that’s most of you!  It’s been a month more than a year, and i had one fabulous week, I thought I might be cured, although i wasn’t so easily fooled!  Almost immediately, I became fatigued again, although less badly than in the past. One step back, having enjoyed the two steps forward?  Today my husband had to virtually carry me back to the car, after a, not too long, dog walk, when my foot drop became really, really bad! I have been drinking but, honestly, not much, aor regularly. Any thoughts as to why? My sight has worsened too,but that doesn’t worry me.


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The way I always looked on it was that the good moments were glimmers of better things to come, sent to motivate us and give us hope, so that we stick with it through the not so good moments.

I think the only way to know whether alcohol is causing a problem, as some people tolerate it better than others, is to stop drinking it for a while and see if that makes a difference.


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You will improve, see 'glimmers' of improvement, then slide back again for a bit.  It's like climbing a hill and slipping a little, then regaining your footing.  If you've seen little improvements, you will see them again more frequently, until they establish themselves as permanent improvements. Patience!

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Thank you Bodicea and Mack, sometimes just those few words helps heal self-doubt!

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