13 Jun 2018

visual symptoms


Hi everyone.

I've recently started the Cpn protocol after Dr Thaibult diagnosed me with a persistent Cpn infection.

I have alot of bizarre neurological symptoms that include visual static, negative after images, shaky vision. I also have tinnitus and strong anxiety disorder. If you share any of the above symptoms, i'd love to hear from you.


Hi Kcp1! :)

I am not sure this is gonna help you. I have never been diagnosed with CPN infection... it would have been much easier... I was diagnosed with MS...

Since really early ages (my memory remembers it as 3 years old...), I exploded... (explosion: weird incontrolable feeling coming from the inside making you scream and sometimes harm yourself not to harm others. It lasts around 3-5 minutes of rage rising upper and upper from the inside out. Then, as if a train would have passed over you. Tired.)

I have never checked if this was normal or not, and eventually, I think I learned how to live with it... lately and after the Metro pulses, it became more difficult to control, and so I've been losing it sort of often this last months...

To put more sugar into the cup, we are moving to Canary Islands in 1,5 months... I am pretty proud on how I am controlling the anxiety... or really proud on the Antibiotics for having worked on me... I am still pulsing. 

I was conscious though, I would mess with my brain if I would follow the Protocol, but between messing with it, or having it prisoned into my skull... the option was easy. 

I am still under recover though...

My eyes... I got one optical neuritis just before to get my diagnosis. Unfortunately, I got another optical neuritis after 6 months of Protocol. (It could happen, and let's hope it will be the last one forever...)

The metro kept on messing with my ears and eyes though...  I could feel some momentarily and often tinnitus, and my eyes saw dark spots changing its place from one day to another... 

I got a couple or three of big headaches since I started the Protocol (I am not a headache person)... but besides that, I am pretty happy I already achieved the 1st year of Protocol, and my last blood analysis (I need to order new ones...) had never been better. 

I wish you well, and lots of healthy neurons for a long time. ;)



Started the Protocol: 01/06/2017

MS Diagnosed: 21.IX.2016


I had loads of weird neuro symptoms and I found a lot of these symptoms got worse when I started treatment.  Also, new symptoms appeared - the way I learnt to think of these new symptoms was that they were 'future symptoms', ones which I hadn't yet become aware of, but were lurking there and would have eventually appeared anyway if I hadn't started treatment.

Yes, I found a lot of the symptoms were made worse by toxins building up from die-off.  Extra detoxing helped me - chlorella, drinking lemon water, Epsom salt baths, Nutramedix burbur and pinella.  Also, moppers such as activated charcoal (always keep this at least 3 hours away from all medications and supplements etc, as it will absorb everything, including the good stuff).

All my symptoms improved eventually, so it was definitely all worthwhile.

Neuro symptoms & many health problems from 1989. NAC+all supps(04/11) CAP(05/11-10/17)

"You will get worse before you get better" is kind of the mantra here.  When the antibiotics work on areas that are cpn-infected, you will have inflammation and symptoms resulting from that inflammation.  These are the kinds of things you're just going to have to tough out til they subside.  

Use lots of detoxifying agents and antioxidants, to push the junk out of your body.  Die-off isn't just a phrase; there's real crud left behind and it has to be escorted out, so it doesn't recirculate and make you more miserable than you need to be.

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