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Dr Powell & Staff:I apologize for not letting all of you know much sooner just how wonderful I have been feeling for the last several months. I haven't been in contact since I left in April for my trip to South Africa.I can say if I had not gone through the treatment for the Fibromyalgia prior to my trip I would have never been able to enjoy myself. The trip was exciting and I saw wonderful sights and loved visiting with my family there. But more importantly I was pain free.Just how have I been feeling? I can honestly say I feel as good as I did long before I developed the FMS. I do not have the debilitating pain, I sleep much better, I have much more energy than I ever had and my entire emotional and mental outlook has changed so much to the positive that my family now has their old wife/mom back.I can work all day and still come home and feel like doing things in the evening. I have energy again. I have enthusiasm again.Another"side effect" of the FMS was since I was in so much pain I couldn't exercise: I was depressed and exhausted all of the time so in turn I gained a lot of weight which became a big issue for me. With my freedom from pain and more energy and enthusiasm I have been exercising(recumbent stationary bicycle, 20 minutes a night) and now have lost 14 lbs and I feel great! There will be more of me disappearing over the next several months.I have been recommending your office to several women who have either suffered with FMS for several years or who were recently diagnosed. It is still amazing how little information has been published for the main stream population about the fact that there is now a cure for FMS. Two of the women I have recommended to you said their doctors told them they would just have to live with it as there was nothing that could be done.I have to state unequivocally that I now feel I am cured of this insidious condition and I thank my stars that Dr. Kal sent me to your office. I am very honest with people when I tell them it is no super easy cure. The first four months were awful, but if you persevere and hang in there doing all that you are instructed to the end result is you are rid of this horrible affliction.Everyone in your office was wonderful to me and I do so very much appreciate all that was done for me to help with this condition. I never in my life dreamed I would be feeling this wonderful after just 1 year. My life has been given back to me and I am so very appreciative.I will continue to recommend your office to people who need help. If you need anyone to chat with me I am more than happy to talk with them and let them know that "Yes the treatment works. It's not easy at first but hang in there and you will celebrate how you feel once it is over."Thank you again and Best Regards,Pam N.

Another tick in the success column....Great news, very encouraging for those of us who are in the midst of treatment.Michele:  on Wheldon protocol since 1st May 2006 for a variety of long standing ailments, also spokesperson for Ella started Wheldon protocol 17th March 2006 for RRMS Sussex, UK

Michèle (UK) GFA: Wheldon CAP 1st May 2006. Daily Doxy, Azi MWF, metro pulse.

Yes, that sounds wonderful! Is she on, The Czech Republic, On Wheldon protocol for Cpn and Mycoplasma since 02/18/2006.

Stratton/Wheldon protocol 02/2006 - 10/11 for CFS and many problems 30 years

I don't think so, Jan. There are a lot of people who both Dr. Powell and Dr. Stratton have encouraged to post their stories on cpnhelp, who are either not internet savvy, or are doing so well they don't have interest any more in their disease! Occaisionally I get these stories forwarded to me which seem worth posting so we can see what's ahead. Combined Antibiotic Protocol for Chlamydia pneumonia in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia- Currently: 150mg INH, Doxycycline/Zithromycin, Tinidazole pulses. Northern Ohio, USA

I am on the fifth day of Entizol (Flagyl) so I have some problems with understanding but I think that it would be very useful to spread such letter as this worldwide not only for encouraging patients. There is a lack of any awareness in a medical community  and even of basic knowledges about life cycle of Chlamydia pneumoniae or even its existence. Much less about any treatment! What should we think about such an answer: You have got ATB for 14 days, you are well! Go away or go elsewhere! That is not my job, now! I'm not interesting in your IgG value. This answer got mother who has got three small children! She is tired, unable to care for her household because of her debilitating disease. She has been proven for Cpn. How can she to get round so enormous ignorance? There are many "scholarly conferences" around the Earth, about nothing! How to get news about Cpn to Gp and others? Her allergist don't want either read nor listen to! The other the same!Jan, Prague, Thet Czech RepublicDate Started CAP's: 12/01/2005

On CAPs:12/01/2005 till March 2013; 20 years CFS,IBS, fibromyalgia; about 10 years chronic sinusitis, laryngotracheitis, from 2002 hoarseness; from 2003 - v.s. lumbosacral meningoradiculitis, hypertension... 

Hi Pam I started seeing Powell back in August Can you Private message me and tell me what protocol he had you on?Thanks    

Dear All,Please give Dr. Powell address, Contact number & email ID if anybody have. I have Fibromyalgia from last 20 years & want to contact him for treatment. Please help me.Sachin,India,M-9998007974.

For your benefit, please take yor email address off the site,  before you start getting plagued with spam.  Someone will contact you about your question by private message!.............Sarah

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.