Submitted by lee on Tue, 2006-01-17 07:38

The symptoms always hit on the 4th day of increasing my abx. I had disturbed sleep and night sweat with increased symptoms. I found a new juice v8 splash which is very good . It is high in c e and a. I drink a huge glass with extra c at 2 am and woke up not too bad. I am on minocin everyday now with 4 days to up the last 100 and will go to my gp for blood pcr testing to get a starting point before zithromax .I hope to add it by the end of the month.lee 

Lee- sounds like you are getting a handle on your pattern of response. The juice is a great idea, although I need much higher levels of C to get a response. It's good to have an idea of ones patterns, even if youj are misreable at least you begin to know why and predict it's course. 

On Wheldon/Stratton protocol for Cpn in CFS/FMS since December 2004.