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Baseline Reference:'83:  Severe bout of nystagmus,visual problems[depth perception], severe upper back muscle tension, stiff neck, extreme fatigue, pounding heartrate, dizziness, raw/red throat,nausea.  TX: 2 wks PenVK(Neg strep/Neg EB)'83-'92:  Occasional sore throats, chronic sinusitis, nasal allergies.  Mild/moderate fatigue/dizziness.  Was labeled "Agoraphobic", but felt ill and dizzy even in the "relative" safety of my own home.TX: EES, Amoxicillin, Augmentin, Keflex, numerous times/yr for sinus infections.  Unsuccessful attempts at therapy groups to deal with "anxiety".  '93:  Sudden episode of neck pain/stiffness, combined with mid-back tightness with resulting numbness/tingling in left hip/foot. This occurred with a lumbar disk problem, and lasted for months, making ambulation painful.Tired and weak/tingling legs.Lasted about 2-3 mos.TX: Flexeril, Ibuprofen, Physical therapy.'94-'98: Above symptoms abated, but continued to treat several times/yr for sinus infections. Developed insomnia.CT scans and x-rays of sinuses revealed nothing remarkable, no anatomical blockages, no polyps.TX: Augmentin, OTC antihistamines.  Trazadone for sleep.  Zoloft for chronic dysthymia.'99:  Developed sudden painful, visible swelling of one knee, then the other, separately.  Very difficult to walk, legs/feet felt swollen/ knee joint was hot.  No previous hx of knee problems.  Noted that the inflam. abated with each round of ax prescribed for sinus infections, but would return occasionally.TX: Augmentin, CeftinAutumn '01:  Suspicious round rash[lyme], but neg for Lyme Disease.   Visited Orthopedic Surgeon to check flare-up of lumbar disk issue.MRI showed some demyelination on thoracic, and cervical spine.  One spot on brain.  Disk issue shelved until neuro. gave me ms dx two wks later.  Subclinical low B-12,  thyroid hormones, andiron-def. anemia were ignored.Clonus, spasticity, unsteady gait.TX: Copaxone, antidepressants.**************Current Issues: [as of 10-17-05]Clonus, spasticity, left>right.  Mild dizziness.Unsteady gait.  Mild visual problems-fuzziness around edges.  Grip strength weak left>right.Left hip flexor/leg issues.  Left foot tends to get caught on carpet, or drags when I get too tired.  Muscle pain, stiffness, tightness.  Heat makes me feel weak.  Cold makes me stiffen up.Low body temp~~ usually around 97.2-97.4. I will update.