27 Apr 2018

Yasko Facebook Page Available


It is not just about Autism.  Genetic predispostions for degenerative diseases later in life discussed.Supplementing to by pass genetic weaknesses in normal bodily functions.   Useful in treating MS, Chronic Fatigue,  Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's Disease etc, etc, etc.http://www.facebook.com/DrAmyYasko I also have a link to a short three part interview with Dr Amy.I have tried to post these however I have not had success with them.I CAN EMAIL THE ATTACHMENT FOR THE INTERVIEW - JUST PMESSAGE ME WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND I WILL SEND THEM TO YOU


Hi Louise,you´re right, it´s very interesting what Dr Amy Yasko wrote.You are very helpful and I try to learn more beside using the ABX , which saved me, but there must be more to learn, to get farer as I am at the moment.Please, don´t give up to post this knowledge. sphinx

 Wheldon CAP May 2008,   52  Tini pulses - stopped Nov.2013- Buhner´s protocol Dec. 2013 till  June 2014 - cpn free Oct. 2014

Hi Sphinx,  Thanks for responding to my topic post.   I see (and should know) that my signature does not show up until a followup comment by the originator of the topic posts again!Below is the link for the Simplified Yasko Protocol.  Dr. Amy has posted it in honor of Rich VanK.  It can be down loaded from the website.   This is an adjunct to CAP that for myself has made it easier for me on CAP.   Louisehttp://www.scribd.com/doc/132017201/Dr-Amy-s-Simplified-Road-Map-to-Health Here is the link to Rich VanK paper presented at the Boston Yasko Conference in 2010.http://www.scribd.com/doc/113616573/Application-of-Yasko-Protocol-to-the-Treatment-of-Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome-by-Rich-Van-Konynenburg-Ph-D-and-Neil-Nathan-M-D 

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  • MethylationProtocolSupplements: Started08/08
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  • Off CAP: 02/10, cont LDN & MethlyProtocol support