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Not sure if I missed one or plugged on...So I'm up to either 30 or 31 pulses with 26 or 27 full 5 day pulses...My excuse(poor I know) is that I caught some terrible respiratory infection in early new year... Took me weeks to stop coughing and breath well again...Interesting experience with the Doctor of Osteopathy(Check it out it is real they are registered medicos) I saw at the Urgent Care centre(now I know they have these I can know to avoid them). She was able to tell with a stethascope that I did not have an infective exacerbation of asthma but instead had "asthmatic bronchitis" . When I look up this diagnosis it is a synonym for COPD... Ah yeah... so my Respiratory Physician has it all wrong. The lung function clinic at a major teaching hospital has it all wrong... and she and her stethascope know more than BOTH of those... Even to the point of telling me that I did not need the medications the respiratory physician had prescribed for exacerbations because "we don't do that"...   Really one of the WORST experiences I've had - and I've had some doozies as I have an unusual presentation with my asthma...(Hence why they did my lung function tests TWICE to be sure to be sure)...   This woman was a genius. From across the room she could tell that hubby had an infection - but there was no way I had it(despite the fact I gave it to him and had had the same streaming nose coughing thing as him until a day or so before I saw her).  No I had no exacerbation! I had asthmatic bronchitis! My normally placid hubby actually came close to violence due to her dismissive passive agressive nasty attitude. He was very worried about my continued struggle to breathe... which is NOT normal for me even when I'm in an exacerbation...  I was actually worried he would hit her! I could see it on his face. He told me later I was right - she came close to copping a shake and demand for a sensible discussion, but he realised he would have been wasting his time as she was too stupid and too disinterested in patients. 

I'm hoping you ultimately got your required medications?

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answer gone - gobbled by internet goblin...

Short answer - NO!

Slightly longer answer - I'm collecting asthma meds that I use for exacerbations and will no longer travel to USA without enough for MONTHS of exacerbation medication at top dose... It was easier to get treatment in France!

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