Submitted by mrhodes40 on Sun, 2006-10-15 11:05

In response to a query from a newbie, Sarah posted this beginners guide to supplementation. It is reproduced here because itis so very succinct and clear for the newbie.... "Here is my list of supplementsii, many things combined so you don't have to take too many different items. It is good both for beginners and people wanting a maintenance schedule. In between times many people are going to experiment somewhat. They all come from the same place to make ordering easier and from a very reliable company with good quality, good dosages and very good prices. You can take most of them at any time you want, but take care not to have the cal/mag too close to the doxycycline - leave about two hours between these. Also take the acidophilus as far apart from abxii as you can manage. Take both doxycyclines together early in the day, with azithromycini on M/W/F, then the day is yours. When flagyli/tinidazolei is started, it will be a little more difficult, but that is only for a few days at a time. NACi, the wonder antioxidanti but also to avoid reinfection of CPn: B12 - essential for helping to repair CNS damage: B and C combined, includes adequate amounts of thiamin and niacini: CoQ10 - for cell energy, which obviously ends up as personal energy: I take two of these, but not neccesarily at the same time. Acetyl l-carnitine with ALA - ditto above but from a slightly different angle: Vitamin D - essential, especially if you don't go out much in the sun: Up to 4 a day Fish oil, complete, making evening primrose oil superfluous: calcium and magnesium combined - Multivitamin - I suggest Source Natural's Visual Eyes because it contains enough of other things I don't mention like selenium, vit e and beta-carotene and it is very good for eyes: Acidophilus with fructo oligo-saccharides, which means you don't need to store it in the fridge and risk forgetting to take it: