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Asthma and Infections,

Seroprevalence of CPn infections in otolaryngeal infections

Mechanisms of chlamydiophilia mediated GM-CSF release in HUman Bronchial cellsHow does CPn tirgger inflammatoin in lung tissue? this attempts to pinpoint the answer

Serum IgG and IgA antibodies to CPn in EmphysemaThis article indicates that serology is positive in emphysema and that clinical course and worsening is tied to CPn status

Asthma and CPn. Explains interaction of patient immune system with the CPn. Technical.

-Cpn in recurrent respiratory infections This work with children with recurrent respiratory infections indicates that treating for cryptic bacteria improves outcomes. Treatment was prolonged due to the nature of cryptic, or "atypical" bacteria.

Chlamydia Pneumoniae and COPD This reserach indicates that acute exacerbations of COPD re associated with CPn.

-Cpn in asthma This research indicates that cryptic bacteria play a role in asthma. Outcomes were improved by adding abx.