25 Jul 2019

How to get treatment?


Hi everyone!

I have been suffering from Cpn since approx 2012. I have been on Antibiotic treatment for Cpn several times that helps me. However after a year it is is slowly coming back again. Apart from this my doctor also has retired and it seems that I cannot find anyone that can help me to prescribe antibiotics in Sweden. Luckily I found this site, and I want to do the protocol but when looking for online pharmacies I found it difficult as I want to find a pharmacy that you can trust. 


Hi Camilla, I am also in Sweden.  I am surprised that you were able to get antibiotics intermittently since 2012.  I get Cpn last January and getting a doctor to prescribe antibiotics has been absolutely impossible.  At the beginning of April, I had a severe immune response and ended up in the emergency room for 3 consecutive days followed by a few days in the hospital.  Only then was I given antibiotics (10 days of doxycycline).  That was the death knell for me to get more antibiotics!  Every doctor that I have seen after that (even a doctor at the Infectious Disease unit at USÖ) said that it is not possible for me to be infected with Cpn now because the 10 days of doxycycline would have completely eradicated this bacterium from my body.  So, now the doctors only look for "other" causes of the symptoms.  One insisted that it was Addison's.  The last doctor insisted that it was psychological and that I get evaluated by a psychiatrist.  That was the final straw.  My wife wanted to call the doctor on the phone and tell her that she was completely incompetent!  I told my wife to let sleeping dogs lie and that it would not help my condition.  There have been many articles in the media in the past few weeks here in Sweden about the "perceived" need to further restrict the use of antibiotics and to crack down on the importation of antibiotics via online pharmacies.  Your best bet is to go to Germany.

Hi Camilla!  Another member on this site had recommended IMD Berlin.

I am doing much better now.  I never did the Stratton/Wheldon protocol.  I opted for high dose azithromycin therapy (500 mg per day for 2 months).  A half-life of 68 hours for azithromycin is exceptionally long, giving very high intracellular concentrations with chronic dosing.

It has been 7 years since you were initially infected with Cpn.  Are you sure that your symptoms are from Cpn and not from vitamin and/or mineral imbalances?  The initial Cpn infection can induce imbalances that never get corrected without supplementation.  There are some anomalies about Cpn that no one has ever adequately addressed.  For example, why do young people between the ages of 5 - 15 typically get milder symptoms and get better in about 2 months, often without any antibiotic treatment?  Or, why do some adults get exposed but never develop any symptoms?  My wife had the same exposure to my son with Cpn as I did (we live in a very small apartment), but she did not get sick at all.

Are you taking any supplements?  One can eat a "healthy diet" and still have nutritional imbalances.  Perhaps a high quality B-Complex (Thorne Research "Basic B Complex" is a good one) would be worth a try to see if any of your symptoms improve.  I am not an advocate of "megadosing" with vitamins to address a deficiency/imbalance, unless there is some clinical evidence to suggest otherwise.  The notion that one cannot "overdose" and experience toxicity on water-soluble vitamins is a myth.  Possible mineral imbalances may be worth considering as well.

Dear Scott,

Thanks for your response, I really appreciate it!

I have also thought about the same and since August this year I am a patient at a Functional Medicine Clinic in Sweden. This is, as you suggest, to check myself from a holistic perspective because I want to know if the problem is me, the complexity of the bacteria or both. I now use supplements and an anti-inflammatory diet and they have done some tests from the perspective of the immune system with focus on a leaking bowel. They found Streptococcus and Pseudomonas in the small intestine which I treat with Berberine and cellulosa. The supplements I use has its focus in strengthening the immune system, with all kinds of vitamins, polyphenols and Acetyl- L which I also have read about in this forum. I will keep fighting, but I still have my ups and downs.



I found information about on the internet and a blog that discussing CPN.