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Somebody once observed that when people do the CAP and get better they start living their lives again and stop hanging around this site.  I am one of those people. I used to write some rather humorous blog posts but ever since I completed the CAP, the ability to do that seems to have left me.  I guess it was a sort of "intoxication" brought on by the toxins the CPn were throwing off that provided my inspiration and now that they're dead, so is the muse.  I do miss being jovial, but I'd rather be able to walk, talk and sign my name (all things that MS took away from me at one point).Anyway, my return to the site was occasioned by the fact that with the strange weather we have been having here in Texas, my nose was running constantly all July and so far this August.  Of course all that mucous is a petri dish for any passing bacteria and I developed a  sinus infection.  It was only my third since completing the CAP.  I used to get sinus infections every ninety days or so (4 or 5 a year) but after the CAP, three in nearly 8 years.  THAT alone would have been a good reason for doing the CAP, but I digress.Since I was already having to take Amoicillin for the sinus infection, I figured I would just go ahead and make a maintenance pulse out of it, so I added in my Doxycycline and Roxithromycin and when they had had time to put the bugs under stress, I did a Flagyl pulse fully expecting that some of the survivors would have come out of hiding and set up housekeeping in the last few years.  I expect that in killing them I would be once again visited by the die off reaction (which in another blog post I anthromophized as a sadistic dominatrix named "Dame Endotoxin"), but once again she stood me up!  I did get the improved mood and higher energy during the pulse that I had experienced before, but afterwards, nothing, not even a stray ache or pain that I couldn't otherwise explain.I don't know whether to be thrilled that the original CAP was effective and was carried out long enough to kill off all the bugs so that I am well and truly "cured" of my CPn infection (and as a result, my MS is in apparently permanent remission), OR disappointed that there wasn't some little remnant left that I could slay and in so doing get my close-up vision back.  But then, after having lost eight functional areas to MS and then after doing the CAP having recovered seven of them to nearly pre-MS levels, maybe I should, like St. Paul, learn to be content. 

Wonderful to hear from you!! I had been wondering how you were doing (and thought about the story of the "unfortunate hunting accident" just the other day. 

I am back...just recently starting the protocol once again. And reading up on the site, which has so much more info than it once did.  It comes back so very gradually, the now and then symptoms so subtle,  that we put off even thinking about any of it and keep putting it off, while the bugs keep growing. My husband had to tell me he thought it was coming back and i denied it...that was in 2009. Then I got very busy helping other family members and meanwhile neglected myself. So now...I am back.  And though I don't feel at all well, I am thankful that I am nowhere near as bad as I was when I began my journey in 1998. Thanks for posting!!


Funny thing HD, but our own strange weather gave us a temperature of over a hundred on the first of July and getting slight heatstroke, I fell over so David got me to start abx again.  It lasted only a day because I obviously was not acting a bit like the first time, so I stopped and haven't fallen over since.

Another thing, don't give up hope of getting the eighth functional area back because I still sometimes see improvements eight years after finishing.  It is unlikely but it might happen, you never know....................Sarah

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

Sarah, I think we all live with the spectre of relapse hanging over us.  I don't worry about it, but I'm always aware of it. 

HD, perhaps a glass of wine can replace the toxic delirium, when searching for the muse...

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

I used to use Islay style Single Malt Scotch for that. 

But I grew a little too fond of the "water of life".

Now, I take a Naltrexone tablet before having any.  It' called the "Sinclari Method" and was recently featured in the film "One Little Pill".  It works for alcohol about as well as the Wheldon protcol works on CPn.

CAP for M.S. 8/2007 - 3/2009.  Twentieth pulse metronidazole + INH completed 3/12/2009.  Intermittent treatment thereafter until 11/20/2009.  

Yes, I will wait patiently for any improvement that comes, but in the meantime I have resigned myself to reading glasses and bifocals and so far they have done the trick. 

CAP for M.S. 8/2007 - 3/2009.  Twentieth pulse metronidazole + INH completed 3/12/2009.  Intermittent treatment thereafter until 11/20/2009.