27 Apr 2018

CAP for dogs??


I wasn't sure where this belonged, but I was wondering if anyone has heard of CAP for dogs.About a fortnight ago my dog developed a sore on the bridge of his nose, it has since spread to cover most of his muzzle and ears in blisters and sores. He's lost most of the fur in these area and it's driving him crazy with itching. It really upsets me to see him like this.The vet did a biopsy and says he thinks it's auto-immune, a form of Lupus in dogs that is similar to psoiasis.


Write a private message to RAVEN, asap.  I think, but I'm not certain, she did something similar for her cat.I don't think it's coincidental, either.  I remember when I first heard of cpn, it was referred to as a 'farm disease'.  I think it might have been in reference to sheep having it?  Maybe someone else who's been here forever can help me out with that? If nothing else, ask your vet how he would modify our protocol dosages to fit your dog's size and go from there. 

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Thanks for another very informative reply. SmileI was thinking for dosage I would try just giving him a quarter of my dose; he weighs about a third of my weight (21kgs vs 75kgs) so that would be on the safe side, but obviously I would prefer to get a proper opinion on the matter.My vet showed about as much interest as my doctor in treating the dog's condition as a bacterial infection, but interestingly enough, the standard protocol for a dog his weight with a sever autoimmune condition is about 100mgs of Doxy a day for life.It apparently prevents the spread of the condition to other parts of the body, but why would an antibiotic prevent an autoimmune reaction? The vet couldn't answer that question other than to say that maybe the antibiotics have, as yet, undiagnosed medicinal benefits, but to me it suggests a possible bacterial cause...I'll send Raven a message, I hope she doesn't mind.

Several years ago, I found a discussion board for scientists that talked about how veterinarians were noticing this disease and were treating dogs for it.  Now I can't recall the name of the board, though I get a yearly reminder I'm a member of it.  Sorry.  If I can locate the info, I'll send it on.  Since that board covers a huge variety of topics, a simple google search won't locate it.  (Meanwhile, maybe a google search for an open-minded vet close to you will be more helpful in the short term.)

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

I thought I would chime in here, a bit late. I am a new member but found this website about a year and a half ago (at the time the forums were not working so I was unable to join). I am in the U.S.

I have had my dog (30kg, 67 lb lab/shepherd mix) on the protocol I have found here for about 1.5 years.

He does not have a diagnosis but the vet has suspected systemic lupus but his symptoms are not typical for that condition. He has recurring lesions on his lungs and lips that are described as "inflammatory" with the biopsies. He has suffered severe pneumonia and undergone a lobectomy as a result and at one point we did not think he would survive. 

He started coughing about a month after some deer tick bites that caused flu-like symptoms. My husband was bitten at the same time and diagnosed with Lyme disease. Woofer (dog) tested negative for Lyme disease but both my husband and Woofer had the same symptoms and ended up with respiratory infections. Husband was on doxycycline for Lyme and the infection cleared up within a few months. Woofer just got worse.

So after every test the vet could do, a few times in ICU with pneumonia, and ultimately a lobectomy, the diagnoses is unknown. I found this website and since the dog was so sick this was my last hope.

After much experimenting, I now have him on Doxy (300 mg day in two doses), azithromycin (250mg 3x week), and metronidazole (1000 mg/day in two doses for 5 days a month). He also takes a daily SamE supplement for his liver, probiotics, and 1.8mg LDN daily. NAC seemed to cause worsening of symptoms so I do not use it.

He is much better now...mostly a normal dog that occasionally coughs. He occasionally has flare ups where he seems tired and coughs more but overall feels much better than he did a year ago. I think has has plateaued on this and I don't think he will ever be fully cured. I am going to slowly lower his antibiotics starting with the doxycycline. I have tried to stop the meds abruptly before which always results in a flare-up that requires prednisone. 

I found this blog while searching for help for my sick dog. I have had him on this protocol for 1.5 years. He has improved a lot.