CAP for CPN for person affected by ALS

Submitted by minow69 on Thu, 2021-12-30 13:10

Hi to everybody, congratulations for this wonderful website which gives hopes to people who haven't any left due to hospitals and doctors carelessness.

I am Italian and my wife is Turkish we live in Istanbul, my wife was diagnosed with Bulbar onset ALS in May 2020.

95% of the doctors who visited my wife said that there is nothing to do.

The problem is that I do not want to give up and I am becoming a doctor myself. We have had a CPN PCR test and it was positive

I have tried Dr. William Reid Protocol but my wife did not tolerate the antifungal agent. 

CPN treatment with Health Revival Partners (US)

Submitted by mamatriagain on Mon, 2021-10-11 18:00

Hi.  Has anybody been treated for CPN by Health Revival Partners (in the US)?  I listened to an interview with their doctors, and they focus heavily on testing/treating CPN.  Seriously considering using them, but would like to know if anybody has any experience with them, or if there another US-based doctor/practice that does telemedicine (prefer not to travel)?   Thanks!…



Testing the blog posts

Submitted by boadicea on Sun, 2021-09-12 11:34

I'm starting this post as a blog post, as I'm curious about where blog posts are appearing - or not appearing - since the site update.  It looks as though new blog posts might only appear in 'Recent content' and then disappear, which would be a pity, if that's the case.

Sarah - you recently started a new blog post, which appears in 'Recent content' (4th one down, at the moment, when I look here). 

But, if I go to 'Blogs' in the menu, I can't see it there.  The last blog post there is dated 26.04.2018. 

Bile Acid supplements and MCAD

Submitted by raven on Sun, 2021-08-29 19:21

Most of the people who have been on the site for a while remember that I was treating Lyme and Cpn. I was also hammered by mold exposure in the school where I worked.
Here’s what I have found out to date:
I believe I have rid my body of Lyme and lowered Cpn levels significantly
(I don’t think you can ever get rid of it) I’m not teaching any more, so my exposure is greatly reduced. With Covid, masking is a great relief. So is staying away from large groups of people

17th year update

Submitted by yguner on Mon, 2021-06-21 09:29

Hello   ewerebody it has been long time Since my last post. I start  cap antibiotics 06june 2004   17 years completed First 10 years outside of spinal cord was effected following 7 years, The activity moved inside the spinal cord. Especially pressure of Nervous system my eyes and ears were effected. I am  fine but i stil have pain inside the spinal cord. 


The good thing is my progressive MS didnt change. My disability Score is didnt change dince I started cap 

Best wishes to all of you. 

yilfer Guner 

How Time Flies

Submitted by hdwhit on Wed, 2020-07-22 18:37

I just looked and saw that my last blog post was in January 2018. 


Since then, I have retired.  My wife has retired.  We have moved from a Dallas suburb to a catfish farm in Northern Arkansas that has been derelict for more than 40 years.  We had a stray dog show up and start living with us.

I did the Wheldon Protocol for MS between roughly August 2007 to March 2009 (with maintenance pulses continuing until I ran out of antibiotics).  Since then, my MRIs have consistently shown no disease activity. 

New to site

Submitted by toliveagain on Sat, 2020-06-20 06:23

Hi All,

I am new to the site and new to CPN and abx protocols. I see the last blog post was 2 years ago. Not sure if anyone is here.

I started abx two months ago and having a bit of a tough time. I may be going too fast. Looking for some advice.

If someone is here, (the clock at the bottom says only 1 user online - me), please reply and I will explain further. Hope I hear from someone.