27 Apr 2018

Hot Baths along with CAP discussion, per Paul Le Gac 1960s use


I have been reading about the 1960 Paul Lec Gac's use of Algian Baths when he treated MS patients. His doc 6 provides 30 patients that recovered from MS symptoms in a 3 - 12 months time frame. Just wondering if using hot baths along with CAP would improve results. This approach should activally attack the endotoxin build up. Questions are: how to do it, where to do it, where to get supplies, what cycle of repetition is a good fit for the CAP schedule, what additives to use in the water?


This subject may have quite a bit of promise - this article it PubMed.ORG talks about "far infrared therapy" and sciatic nerve repair:"Far-Infrared Therapy Promotes Nerve Repair following End-to-End Neurorrhaphy in Rat Models of Sciatic Nerve Injury."http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25722734A quote:"Furthermore, histomorphometric assessment indicated that the nerves regenerated more rapidly in the NI/FIR group than in the NI/sham group; furthermore, the NI/FIR group regenerated neural tissue over a larger area, as well as nerve fibers of greater diameter and with thicker myelin sheaths. Functional recovery, inflammatory response, muscular reinnervation, and histomorphometric assessment all indicated that FIR radiation therapy can accelerate nerve repair following end-to-end neurorrhaphy of the sciatic nerve." (Bold & underline added for emphasis).It raises the question of whether the batheotherapy or any therapy that seems to be based on ridding the body of toxins that also involves heating the body, may be working through another mechanism of action.There are articles out there about raising the body temperature and it's effect on germs too.Funny, Rick has been assiduously studying Dr. Terry Wahl's books and talking about stuff along these lines.  He's getting into that book in a pretty big way.  It's a new effort on his part, really too new to rate, but, it's very cool that he is "taking the fight to the enemy" on his own in a larger way now that earlier.  I am guessing it's a reflection of his increasing confidence in his future!Best & Highest Regards,Tom C

Proud Parent of Rick - R started CAP in Nov. 13. Small measurable improvements as of 7/14, more by 10/14.  Holding Steady in early 2017.  "I will leave no stone unturned, no theory unexamined, to help my son." Tommi

I copied this text from Kathrines blog; the link gives access to the 6 Le Gac documents that are discussed here.Louise, since Katherine is away on business and was writing from a hotel room, here are the links:http://www.davidwheldon.co.uk/le-gac.htmlSince the tiny C pn had not been discovered to be a pathogen at the time, Le Gac thought that he was dealing with a rickettsia, but neurologists were becoming convinced that multiple sclerosisi was purely an auto-immunei disease, he ws quickly disregarded.......................Sarah

7th mo on CAP. NAC 2400, doxy 200mg, azith 250mwf, pulse met 500, chorella 1600

Summary of 6 Dr Paul Le Gac Documents on cpnhelp websiteReported to the French Academy of Science 1. EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE. – Potential rickettsial and neo–rickettsial origin of multiple sclerosis., 30 minute meeting;  March 7, 1960; 3 pages2. EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE. – Treatment of multiple sclerosis of rickettsial or neo–rickettsial origin.;  March 28, 1960; 4 pages3 EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE. – The histo–physio–pathological problem of multiple sclerosis.;   March 21, 1960; 4 pages4 EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE. – The psittacosis virus in the etiology of multiple sclerosis.;    Nov 28, 1966; 5 pages5 LECTURES AND SEMINARS: Rickettsioses, para–rickettsioses, and the nervous system;   1974; 28 pages6 RESULTS OF BROAD–SPECTRUM ANTIBIOTIC TREATMENT IN 30 CHRONIC CASES OF RICKETTSIAL AND NEO–RICKETTSIAL MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS;  April 8,1964; 26 pages

7th mo on CAP. NAC 2400, doxy 200mg, azith 250mwf, pulse met 500, chorella 1600

I think this is fascinating.  A fever is the body's way of dealing with infection, plus many other things. I posted my longish bath tale  :)  on the detox forum.  I like the Dr. LeGac concept and am hopeful there is something of merit--especially if someone is unable to acquire antibiotics.  Here is my follow up plan:Love the sauna concept--and likely will be heading there eventually.  But don't have one now and am not ready to purchase one.  Never pay retail. ha.  Also, there are some cheapie home mades on the internet--would like to learn more about them.  And then there is the space. In a perfect world, a sauna would be cheap, small, and I could lay down in it. All three would make it an easier transition.So, using what I have to get started.  Soon it will be sweltering here, plus  sun exposure, grounding etc..  I can  lay out several days in a week.  My plan is to repeat the kelp/magnesium sulfate very hot bath several times per week. However,each day it needs to be emptied (siphoned etc.), due to the kelp smell.  So, not a daily routine like I had hoped.  But doable.  The odor didn't bother me initially, but grew more fragrant as the day went on.I know that, for the great "world of science" it is hard to sort out what works.  However, I don't want to  wait for all of the "gold standard double blind placebo testing".  Blah blah.  :)  Life is too short. Katherine 

Katherine,Not pointing out what you know already but very hot baths will work the opposite. It will shock the system and won't work as it should. Sometimes less is more. Slow and steady wins the race LaughingYou should be able to comfortability tolerate the bath water. Staying in longer will work better.You might think about afterwards rubbing a few essential oils into the skin. They will get sucked up by the skin and tissues.. two things here, some essential oils are great anti-viral anti-bacterial and the second is some others are great anti inflamatory properties.Link here to some herbs that have positive and negative gram bacterial fighting abilities, these are available in oils or if you are nacky enough you can distill and extract your own oils!http://www.hi-tm.com/Documents/Spices.htmlThis one below is more a ncbi study and resulthttp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21208973RegardsD

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Darren--thanks for the note.I have read about  temperatures that can be too hot. In fact, one of the studies that Dr.Stratton gave me  suggested 105 ish being optimum.I basically fill up my tub with hot water, not miserably hot, and stay in until it gets cold.  I plan on getting a gauge of some sort....on that long list.  But I can get into it, without suffering.  :)I have followed Dylan's experience with essential oils with great interest.  My hold off has  been how to control the die off.  He used the sauna--very frequently. Please expound on your take with temperatures etc..Grateful for the links--will read over the weekend.Thanks again!

Katherine,I like it to the goldilock's experience. Not to Cold Not to Hot, just perfect!All our bodys are different so having an exact science on temp is hard!I would always air on the side of caution when re-running somebody elses studies! If it says x degree I would go below and see for a while how I am fairing!Caution is the word here, and in everything else we do! I think from my own experience the epson salt baths and essential oils I use works and worked a treat! If I over do the amount of epsom salts in the tub I feel like I was hit by a truck..really tired, no energy. But if I put just a little less then I feel great..... The experience I have with epsom salts and putting in too much is an experience alot of people have and not just people with serious health issues...  It does seems to have an impact on your body.The oils after the bath I have been doing for a couple of years now and I have found the right combo for me to use on my body...I could feel the difference within the first few weeks of starting this... I know some may say that this is a load of rubbish but I do believe if something works, then why stop it. Enjoy the links I sent.Interesting stuffD

The Greatest Risk of all is Not taking the Risk...

These are the people involved in the Le Gac docsAuthorsdoc1 Report (*) by Mr. Paul Le Gac, Mr. Paul Giroud, and Mrs. Nicole Dumas,   presented by Mr. Jacques Trefouel.2 Report (*) by Mr. Paul Le Gac,   presented by Mr. Jacques Trefouel.3 Report (*) by Mr. Paul Le Gac,   presented by Mr. Jacques Trefouel.4 Report (*) by Mr. Paul Le Gac, Mr. Frank Wolffaert, and Mr. Emile Arquie,  presented by Mr. Jacques Trefouel.5 Paul Le Gac, M.D.6 by Paul Le Gac, Franz Wullfaert, Emile Arquie, Christian Villiers, Jean Rabinovici,  Daniel Morange, and Claude Terrasson de Fougeres (*)I was curious about who he was and was there really an ACCADEMY OF SCIENCE and found this infoFrance's Accademy of Sciencehistory at wikipediahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Academy_of_Sciences"The French Academy of Sciences (French: Académie des sciences) is a learned society, founded in 1666 by Louis XIV at the suggestion of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, to encourage and protect the spirit of French scientific research. It was at the forefront of scientific developments in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, and is one of the earliest Academies of Sciences."Offical website of Accademy of Sciencehttp://www.academie-sciences.fr/http://www.academie-sciences.fr/index_gb.htm    (english lang version)This is interesting because some of the footnotes go back to the 1800's so maybe they are notes that the French system knows about.I managed to search the other day and found a Paul Le Gac but have lost that link. Most of this is in FRENCH and I don't speak or read FRENCH. If we have a member that speaks/reads FRENCH maybe they can research these sites. It would be cool if they found that he, or one of the others listed in the docs, was still living and had an email address; we could get first-hand info.

7th mo on CAP. NAC 2400, doxy 200mg, azith 250mwf, pulse met 500, chorella 1600

The LeGac documents to which 4plex refers are part of  Dr. Wheldon's website, http://www.davidwheldon.co.uk/Le%20Gac%206.pdf and were provided to Dr. Wheldon by Dr. Stratton. They were presented in 1960.4plex, You can use google translate to read whatever you find that's written in French.

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Part of my previous research was verifing toxic reactions and found this Wikipedia description on Dr Herxheimer. I was wondering if he used bath treatment for this condistion - not really. The real point of this info is that toxic results from killing bacteria exsists in other area's of science, not just cpn. Wikipedia info on Dr Herxheimer that describes toxin effect when bacteria are killed.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jarisch-Herxheimer_reactionHis Treatments for his situation"Prophylaxis and treatment with an anti-inflammatory agent may stop progression of the reaction. Oral aspirin everyfour hours for 1–2 days, or 60 mg of prednisone orally or intravenously has been used as an adjunctive treatment[citation needed]. However, steroids are generally of no benefit. Patients must be closely monitored for the potentialcomplications (collapse and shock) and may require i.v. fluids to maintain adequate blood pressure. If available,meptazinol, an opioid analgesic of the mixed agonist/antagonist type, should be administered to reduce the severityof the reaction. Anti TNF-a may also be effective."

7th mo on CAP. NAC 2400, doxy 200mg, azith 250mwf, pulse met 500, chorella 1600

I asked Dr Stratton if he had any information on baths and he sent me 13 files/reports.The following is a summary of these files. If anyone is interested in reading them we have to follow KATMAN'S instructions because I'm not loading anything unless instructed to.1 CompleteSpaBook.pdf"The Complete Spa Book For Massage Therapists" PDF, 12 megnotes: everything you want to know about spas and current therapies.2 Chlamydia and Arthritis 2013.pdf"New insights into Chlamydia and arthritis" PDF, 600kbFirst published Dec 2, 20133 Ct-Rifabutin.pdf"In Vitro Studies of Chlamydia trachomatis Susceptibility and Resistanceto Rifampin and Rifabutin" PDF, 305kbFirst published 1989, examination of the "trachomati" strain4 Dr Wheldon's MS Protocol.pdf"Empirical antibacterial treatment of infection with Chlamydophila pneumoniae in Multiple Sclerosis" PDF, 168kbYou know what this is.5 Early Sauna Rx Le Gac.doc (MS 97-2003 word doc)Le Gac number 2 doc found on website, describes his 5 step protocol.6 hydrotherapy_application_physiotherapy.pfd"HYDROTHERAPY: Review on the effectiveness of its applicationin physiotherapy and occupational therapy." PDF, 188kbHigh level evidence on the effectiveness of hydrotherapy on arthritis, chronic low back pain, ankylosing spondylitis, anterior cruciate ligament disruption, ulcer healing, and fibromyalgia 7 Minocycline and MS.pdf"Minocycline Reduces Gadolinium-Enhancing Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis" PDF, 252kbA short study where the drug helped RRMS patients when MRI scans were done.8 Minocycline and Neurodegenerative Diseases.pdf"Minocycline and neurodegenerative diseases" PDF, 4mg9 Oral Azithromycin Rx for CAD.pdf"Oral azithromycin in extended dosage schedule for chronic, subclinical Chlamydia pneumoniae infection causing coronary artery disease: a probable cure in sight? Results of a controlled preliminary trial" PDF, 255kbA detailed report of this study. 10 Rifabutin-Azithromycin.pdf"Tolerance and Pharmacokinetic Interactions of Rifabutin and Azithromycin" PDF, 85kbA detailed report of this study.11 Rifampin Time Kill Study for C pneumoniae.pdf"Growth Cycle-Dependent Pharmacodynamics of Antichlamydial Drugs" PDF, 265kbA detailed report of this study.12 Spa Therapy for Fibromyalgia.pdf"Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Spa Therapy: Myth or Reality?" PDF, 482kbSeems a good report to read. Spas seem to help.13 Spa Therapy.pdf"Mechanisms of action of spa therapies in rheumatic diseases: what scientific evidence is there?" PDF, 360kbSeems like another good report to read if questioning whether spas are benifitial.

7th mo on CAP. NAC 2400, doxy 200mg, azith 250mwf, pulse met 500, chorella 1600

My simple comparison of Le Gac vs Wheldon protocols.Paul Le Gac(taken from Le Gac doc 2 on Dr Wheldon's website)a. Neutralization of the virusThe broad–spectrum antibiotics (terramycin, aureomycin, and typhomycin) were shown to be remarkably effective against rickettsias and neo–rickettsias. The prescription of a high dose is imperative. The dose consists of 24 grams, administered at an initial rate of 2 grams per day. This treatment regimen should be continued in successive stages, with rest intervals, until a negative serological reaction is obtained.Note should be taken of the danger inherent in timid prescriptions of 6, 8, and 10 grams, which, although they sometimes produce rapid improvements, often aggravate the disease, with an exacerbation of the symptoms. In fact, a low dose of the antibiotic always causes a serological and clinical reactivation, and this result can lead to false blame and to the prohibition of the use of antibiotics in cases of multiple sclerosis, in which they are actually the treatment of choice.The choice of the antibiotic to be prescribed can be suggested by the serodiagnosis. A positivereaction for R. prowazeki, R. mooseri, or R. orientalis would encourage the use of typhomycin(chloramphenicol). A positive reaction for R. conori or R. burnetti, or for the neo–rickettsiae(X–14, V–14, or Q–18) would tilt the choice toward aureomycin or terramycin. However, thisrule is not absolute, because a personal susceptibility to one or the other of the antibiotics maybe present.Bugs R. prowazekiR. mooseriR. orientalis R. conori R. burnetti New Bugs X–14V–14Q–18b. Elimination of toxins. – The elimination of toxins is encouraged by hot and alginated balneotherapy....They also encourage abundant sweating, which activates the elimination of wastes and toxins, while the organism becomes susceptible to the detoxifying and revitalizing osmotic exchanges....This temperature, which is usually on the order of 40° [Celsius], should be maintained continuously for a period of half an hour....These baths are very fatiguing, and should be followed by bed rest for at least two hours, with the ingestion of a hot and sugared tisane. The patient should be allowed to recover between baths. The treatment regimen should start with at least three baths per week, and should be continued for at least two months.Wheldon Protocal.(taken from Wheldon's main treatment plan from Dr Wheldon' website)Chlamydophila pneumoniae is identified and 3 life stages are targeted:Elementary Body(EB), Reticular Body (RB), Criptic Body (CB) .Doxycycline at 200mg a day; attack life stage RB.Azithromycin at 250mg 3x a week, attack life stage RBMetronidazole at 400mg 3x a day (1200mg/day), starting at 1 day a month to 5 day a month; attack life stage CB.N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) 600mg daily - 1,200mg twice a day, should be taken continuously; attack life stage EB"The reason for this slow, step-wise introduction of antichlamydials is to minimize any reactions caused by bacterial die-off. These can be unpleasant." My Observations: Le Gac really attacks the toxin issue with hot baths.I'm told one can't get Le Gac's meds anymore.Le Gac suggests high level of antibiotics, but is not sure what the target is.Wheldon is highly focused on the target, but the advice to reduce high toxin levels is to reduce meds.Identifing the target in an individual is the same problem as it was 55 years ago. Still an open question: would hot, alginated balneotherapy (baths) help reduce toxins in the fight against c.pn?

7th mo on CAP. NAC 2400, doxy 200mg, azith 250mwf, pulse met 500, chorella 1600

My answer: Le Gac's tetracyclines are no longer in use because they have been superseded by better tetracyclines like doxycycline and minocycline. There is nothing like the right antibiotic for getting inside the human cell invaded by the intracellular C pn, which was not known to be a pathogen when Le Gac was working.  If he was alive today, he would be using the same antibiotics as David and Stratton use.If you have ever been to a French spa town you will have seen that hot alginated baths are much used in the expensive treatment regimes.  They make people feel better because they feel that they are being looked after. They might make your skin feel nice, like taking a bath in the Dead Sea does, but someone with MS needs the treatment to get in to the cells in their brain, which I somewhat doubt that the salts of the Dead Sea or the algae of a balneotherapy bath will manage..........................Sarah

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

A simple examination of Le Gac doc_6 of 30 patients.Case, Age,  Months-to-Recovery, Treatment 1, 44, female, a few months,  antibiotics and alginated baths, return to normal life2 40 female doesn't say  antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life3 60 female 6 months   antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life4 39 female doesn't say  antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life5 34 female 4 months   antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life6  male 12 months  antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life7 43 female doesn't say  antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life8 44 male 2 years?   antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life9 28 male 8 months   antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life10 60 female 3 months   antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life11 31 male 12 months  antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life12 16 male after 1st treatment  antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life13 40 female a few months  antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life14 46 man 7 months   antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life15 44 female 4 months   antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life16 40 female 1 month   antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life17 28 female 8 courses of treatment antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life18 35 male 6 months   antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life19 25 female 8 months   antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life20 62 female 6 months   typhomycin   return to normal life21 45 female doesn't say  antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life22 54 male 12 months  antibiotics, alginated baths, and thalassotherapy return to normal life23 46 male 6 months   typhomycin   return to normal life24 43 male 12 months  antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life25 54 female doesn't say  antibiotics, alginated baths, and thalassotherapy return to normal life26 58 female doesn't say  antibiotics, alginated baths, and thalassotherapy return to normal life27 38 female doesn't say  antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life28 43 female doesn't say  antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life29 37 female 3 years   antibiotics and alginated baths return to normal life30 46 female a few months  antibiotics   return to normal lifeIt sure would be nice to go back to a normal life.

7th mo on CAP. NAC 2400, doxy 200mg, azith 250mwf, pulse met 500, chorella 1600

Questions on 30 patients: How many did Le Gac treat? Is this sample 5 or 10% of all treated? The doc doesn't say. What happened to other patients treated this way? It doesn't say.  Last word? Bring all info to your Dr and consult with him.

7th mo on CAP. NAC 2400, doxy 200mg, azith 250mwf, pulse met 500, chorella 1600

I found the original Le Gac entries in the French records. This text is from a French librarian who responded to my email. I used google translate to read it and look through the records. I found the 5 step treatment plan he used.Sir,Dr. Paul Le Gac was not Academician of Science and we have no biographical information about him. However you can find on our site his notes published in the minutes: t. 250 1960, p. 1937, 2299, 2474; t. 254 1962, p. 1699; t. 257 1963, p. 2355; t. 263 1966, p. 926, 1793; t. 264 1967, p. 874; t. 266 1968, p. 547, 2522; t. 268 1969, p. 3146; t. 269 1969, p. 1723. The reports are online:http://www.academie-sciences.fr/activite/archive/ressource.htm.Best RegardsIsabelle Maurin Joffrenote: BDL found them on the website and used Google Translate to read them.Had to select this option from the Frech website to find the right document.1835 à 1965 Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des séances de l'Académie des sciences

7th mo on CAP. NAC 2400, doxy 200mg, azith 250mwf, pulse met 500, chorella 1600

Just a blog type of up date.Started baths about 3x per week—with kelp and magnesium sulfate.Since I am developing a system of sorts, I want each one to replicate the last, and by that measuring the water, temperature, additives and time.½ cup kelp, 2 cups Epsom salts, hot water up to the line (penciled on tub).  The kelp (Vitacost) and Epsom salts (Costco) total cost is about 1.25 USD. Also use a bentonite clay for facial :)  about .10 each (eBay)  A good time to read all of those old magazines that I can’t seem to throw away.Several times got overheated—not pleasant.  Since I bought my zippy thermometer I started to track a bit.105 F is quite comfortable, 110 F is hot.   Was shocked that 5 degrees mattered so much.  Will start between 105 and 110, since it cools down over the course of about an hour, to 95F.When I got in trouble (heat sensitivity) was when I got out at 100F. Needed to lay down. Better for me to stay in longer  as it cools down to 95F.  Total time then is an hour. Very doable.Kelp works amazingly well in the way of making my skin smoother.  Nice. But it does have a strong ocean odor  and no amount of peppermint or lavender essential oils will take that away.Studied saunas last weekend (Mercola, Dr. Wilson and more).  But still don’t want a big box in my house.  And, a sauna is heat and insulation.   Biggest challenge is that I want to lay down and rest. Though those foldable ones are tempting.So, purchased and ordered parts for a homemade Dr. Wilson style sauna—waiting on our light bulbs that are on order.  For this experiment, total cost is about 95.00. Because of the baths, I have been able to increase my NAC.  Definite improvements, and will watch more closely for confirmation. That, and some serious carbs.  :)Katherine

Hi Katherine,Can you please outline the improvements you are noticing as this might be of some benifit to others and their issues they are experiencing within their bodies.Glad you are doing well with your baths (-: ...what are you up to on your NAC intake, how much were you able to increase the NAC from and to?All the bestD

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Hey Darren!Taking NAC is the most basic…so to admit that I only took one was a little embarrassing….especially since I had some horrific illness in January.  Like a super bad cold or flu for over a week.     A reminder that I could, at any day, re infect myself with Cpn. My husband is also doing an NAC challenge this week—4 per day.  First day, felt a little off, now feels like he has more energy. Looking good.In contrast, I am sloooowww…. up to 2 per day J and Friday night will increase to two at night and continue with  one in the AM.  Few more weeks will  do 2 at night, then 2 in the AM. I had planned on increasing one per week for three weeks in a row—but slowed it down due to low grade fevers at night.     And then there was the nausea and fatigue.  :)  Stopped low carb diet right quick, enjoying my foray into carb land.  Going to miss them after I make this adjustment.   The baths help me  feel better.  And, since I work out of my home, I took  notice of Dylan’s afternoon sauna habit. So, if I am feeling off, can take a break in the morning…for a bath.  So weird. But then I have energy (after about an hour or so rest) that lasts for the rest of the day.  And evening.Last several days did not take a bath and had a few periods of intense stress and nausea. Taking one tonight—hopefully tomorrow will be another great day.Not sure how scientific this is.   I just don't see any downside to them.  So, going slow and trying not to whine so much about it.  :)Katherine

Blog type of entry. After my recent discussion with Dr. Stratton, and subsequent studying binge, I developed a simple and inexpensive system to make like long changes.   I consider myself to have an inherent weakness, with   2 methylation defects, and the Cpn bacterial infection.  MS diagnosis of over 13 years.Several years ago I started the Wahls diet (currently approx. 80-100% depending on the day), which was transformative.   I exercise, though not yet able as vigorously as I would like.  Handful of supplements.I do have my life back—and that brings its own challenges.  But it is good to be back.  And I think that the challenge of the return is part of the brain recovery.  I accept that.A new step in my recovery has come since I started including the alginated/Epsom salt baths. I do think that they help—for various reasons.  I reduced the baths to 3 x per week, mostly out of concern for my septic tank. In the meantime, my husband made me a cheapie starter infrared sauna, at the cost of about 95.00.    We used instructions from Dr.Wilson.  The final electrical needs to be finished, then I will start.  I think that it will be a time saver.  My goal is to detox and relax (laying down in the “sauna”) at the same time. My baths usually take one hour, but can easily morph into 1.5 hours.  Am able to use the time to review the large stack of magazines etc. that have accumulated over the past few years.   Kind of nice to review and toss the unnecessary clutter.  It is enjoyable.I am now up to 3 NAC, 1 in the morning, 2 in the evening.     I have had mixed reactions, sore throat, some minor sinus issues, nausea,  carb cravings that I used to ignore.  Not this time—if I feel that I need them, I eat enough so that I don’t go on a whatever is available binge.  Have gained 3 pounds, which was troubling.  However, the emotional stress that NAC periodically seems to bring has abated.  Will deal with it.I have a business trip this week, much preparation and will be working the whole time.  So, not going to add my 4th NAC this week.  Will wait until my life settles down a bit and add the 4th one then.  Hopefully by then my minor sore throat, and fuzzy vision issue,  will have resolved itself.  Strangely, these are amongst my early symptoms many years ago.  Fascinating. I have an increase of optic neuritis in my right eye—vision is slightly blurry and off.  Quite concerned, and will have it tested after my last NAC has been incorporated into my life.  I resist seeing my neuro.   Though I think—sometimes-- he has a useful purpose. :) My husband, who, out the gate,  started with 4 NAC, has had some minor reactions.  Throat issues, drainage, irritability, fatigue.  He now seems to have more energy—interested to see how his experiment plays out. On the upshot….my thinking is better.  Noticeably so. Am amazed that my short term memory has improved—is this how  smart people think??  Nice.  Really nice.Wish I had started the additional NAC sooner.Katherine 

Hi Katherine,  This is an older post and I wonder what you are up to recently.   Thanks for you detailed and informative posts.  When I see them I am drawn to read them.  Just wanted to say hello,Louise

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