27 Apr 2018

Hand tremors - CPN?


Guys,i know a few people with hand tremors. Otherwise they are healthy. could this be caused by CPN??Just curious!Mark


It could also be high blood pressure, overcaffeination, or any number of other things, though.

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I had big problems with my hands when I was first diagnosed with MS. The paresthesia/clumsy hands/claw hands bascially went away after I had angioplasty on my blocked azygos vein. Interestingly, when I started CAP, I got all this twitching in the fingers which were most impacted before the angioplasty. It semeed like the microbe was being driven out of the nerves. Not had problems with my hands in years

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Doing Thibault protocol (NAC/mino/roxi/tini/nattokinase)...but considering morphing to Stratton protocol