27 Apr 2018

German C. pneumoniae Forum



there has opened a German forum for C. pneumonia infections (not by me). I just wanted to let everybody know, and Jim, maybe you could implement the link on the German Welcome-Site?

It's http://www.chlamydiapneumoniae.de/. There is already traffic and I think it's great ;-)


PS.: I continue in research but go worse every week... if I have more positive things to report I'll let you know.


thanks for the heads up, the word is getting up.

About our link, I was telling someone on Facebook & gave them our site.  The whole money thing pops up & I was wondering if that could be minimized and we could put a Mission Statement or a Mantra & leave the money statement to our actual site?

Just a thought.

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Way to go Gitta! I'll put it at the top of the links list! 

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