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The General Information Page:

CPn Epidemiology Epidemiology means the study of how often and where a germ crops up.

Early events in CPn infection of host cells Short pubmed abstract.

Pharmacodynamics of Antichlamydials This paper addresses the issues of various lifecycles and pharmacodynamics. It is very clear that various agents are needed to eradicate CPn. Link out. Whole citation. link This site has tremendous technical information about CPn

Slides for a powerpoint slide presentation by Charles Stratton on Cpn.

Chlamydia pneumoniae: crossing the barriers? This long paper is included in totality. It addresses the issue of how CPn crosses epithelial barriers, causes inflammation and how it invades and parasitizes cells. A must read for the physician contemplating using this approach. Provides background.

Research by Charles Stratton and co-researchers This is a simple list of the finished work, includes a link to a complete list. Much of this relates to MS.

Cpn in chronic diseases This is a link out to work that overviews the main issues in CPn in chronic illness. A must read for the serious investigator.

Preliminary report on Wheldon/Stratton case studies This report outlines the theory and usefulness of metronidazole being added to the CPn protocol.

Persistent Chlamydial Envelope antigens This paper describes finding that chlamydia trachomatis can continue to induce inflammation well after treatment. This indicates that persistence of inflammation may well be a feature of CPn infection.

Review: Bacterial host Interactions This review of material relating to bacteria and how persistent infections may be supported by faulty mechanisms inside the idividual body is a must read. Somehwat technical, it's in depth look at the current research regarding this subject is essential for understanding that persistence is well recognized even if clarity about just exactly how it happens is just beginning.

Potential Role of Infections in Chronic Inflammatory Disease This self explanatory title names a referenced opinion paper written by a medical researcher and professor. It is a PDF file.