27 Apr 2018
Jim K

Flagyl (metronidazole) versus Tinidazole (Tinactin): differential responses?


As we have more people on the CAP protocols longer, our community is accruing clincal priceless experience with the different medications used and course of improvement and diffficulties on the CAP. One of these areas for observation and discussion has been use of Tinidazole versus Flagyl, and it's effect on treatment and course of recovery. There has been another thread discussing these, but I thought it was time to restart the discussion now that a number of people have experienced switching back and forth between these meds.


It seem that Tinidazole is no longer available in Australia so now my daughter has started Metonidazole pulse once per week, 2 tablets twice daily of 400mg each. Now we have severe fatigue, dizziness, nausea out of body experiences, absent mindedness. Not sure if it the increased NAC also, we went from 1200mg/day to 1800mg/day.

Is there a solution for us?

I don’t know what I don’t know and it’s pretty scary.

There is something starting with 'O' available in Australia which might suit. Ornidazole or some such.

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Clanmiles - I’m confused by the dose of metronidazole you mention. It should be 400mg three times a day. You mention two tablets twice daily, which sounds too much if they are 400mg tablets. I often struggle with pulses, especially metronidazole, and I have found the protocol can still work well if you cut down on the number of pulse days to make it more tolerable.

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I completely relate to this, as I always have such a tough time with pulses. Whilst not wishing to go against what the prescribing doctor is suggesting, it’s a higher dose to the one we follow here and, in any case, I feel we have to be guided by how we tolerate it. Personally, when I feel horrid, I leave off the metronidazole, drink plenty of lemon water and resume pulses when I feel ok again. The horrid feeling usually seems to happen as toxins from killing the bacteria building up quicker than our bodies can get rid of them. I also notice you mention weekly pulses. The protocol here is up to 5 days pulses every 4 weeks, to give our bodies the chance to recover in between. Sending gentle hugs to your daughter.

Neuro symptoms & many health problems from 1989. NAC+all supps(04/11) CAP(05/11-10/17)