27 Apr 2018

Flagyl, how many times a day?


I'm on 1250mg flagyl now, 5 days per pulse.Is it better to take 3 times a day or 2 times.Is it wise to have constant levels of flagyl in your blood, every 8 hours, or is it better to only twice burden your bowels and is every 12 hours enough for it's effect?Hope someone can help with this issue.Tamara.


Hi TamaraLook up the recommended dose on the pages here, but my recollection is 1500 mg per day.  I only did that my very first pulse (Jan 05), and was flattened an hour or so after my first pill.  It was also the most horrible taste EVER in my life.  After that I took 1125 mg per day - 375 3xd - for five days every three weeks.  Now I take 500 mg bid, suggested by Dr. Stratton.  This is part of my daily intake, which I could not possibly have survived several years ago. I take all my abx twice a day because I want the blood level to stay as high and level as possible.  The halflife of some is short - a matter of a few hours.  I am still definitely impacted, but it gets slowly less  over time.  Hope this helps.Rica

3/9 Symptoms returning. Began 5 abx protocol 5/9 Rifampin 600, Amox 1000, Doxy 200, MWF Azith 250, flagyl 1000 daily. Began Sept 04 PPMS EDSS 6.7 Now good days EDSS 1 Mind, like parachute, work only when open. Charlie Chan  In for the duration.&am

Tini is suggested twice a day.   Metro three times a day, due to it's duration of action.  Also I think that your body weight has some consideration here.   I think that Rica is petite. So a smaller dose may get more mileage in her situation.And yes for Metro it is 1500 mg per day devided in three doses.      Tini is a lot newer drug and less harsh on the system in general.       Many who have take a lot of metro and changed over have been very pleased with the tolerability improvement s that they have had.I had no bad taste from Tini, I could take first thing in a.m. on empty stomach without any troubles.      Louise 

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