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Dianna did a one-year CAP for GERD, rosacea, high blood pressure and several other complaints, all of which started approximately simultaneously. This CAP ended nearly a year ago at this writing. The GERD and high blood pressure are still gone. Today, after walking from the parking deck into the clinic, it was 113/75. The GERD returned briefly after she had general anesthetic for an unrelated condition, but went away after about two weeks. The rosacea was completely gone at the end of her CAP, however, it has rebounded slightly. A doctor involved in the treatment of the unrelated condition took her off "all that funky stuff," including NAC, so. . . She didn't want to argue with him. She had a benign brain tumor removed in November, and she's fine (except for a couple of blind spots in her lower right field of vision (she can still drive, nonsense to complain)). However, if the brain tumor doctor says "No NAC," and your rosacea comes back, "brain tumor" wins. So, she looks a little chapped at times, but she can drink a glass of wine without "flaming on" and the current flushing may be due to the general anesthetic. (Hair loss, generalized itching -- that stuff is poisonous, you know? Still, very glad we have those poisons available!) If it is not due to the anesthetic, well, she'll have to decide about how to approach the rosacea. She seemed to find the CAP itself relatively easy to tolerate. A couple of the first pulses showed a worsening of the GERD, but that went away after the first few pulses. She pretty much ate whatever she pleased through the CAP -- porphyria wasn't too troubling to her. She did end up doing a course of Diflucan for yeast/fungus afterward. The probiotics just weren't enough. So, bottom line: GERD -- gone. Hypertension -- gone. Rosacea -- better, but may need further attentionAnd FTW? Migraines went from 3-4 per week down to one every couple months. Bonus!Results like that are well worth the mild discomfort of the first few pulses, and a course of diflucan to follow up. The funny thing is, none of those conditions have any other effective treatment, as far as I know.Ron

Well, except that I'd be pounding on the doctor's door demanding I be allowed to take my NAC, I'd say you've got a winner here! Congrats to both of you!

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Ron- great to hear that Diana's changes are sticking. My only thoughts are of Dan's success using FIR sauna and vitamin D to clear the rosacea after a similar period on the CAP. Higher dose D might have similar advantages as an anti-cancer treatment, although I haven't looked specifically at this in brain tumors.


Hi Ron,I'm also very glad to hear that Diana's doing well!   As Jim mentioned, I credit the Vit D3 for my continued improvements after a 18 months of CAP, and I personally believe high-dose Vit D3, even without NAC, may provide improvements as well, so much so, that I've decided to lay off the NAC for a while myself to see what happens with "just" Vit D3. The reason I suspect this may work is from my own dad's experience.   He is in his late 70's and started vitamin D3 a couple of years ago, working up from 2,000iu to 4,000iu to 6,000iu and now 8,000iu.   He has been on 6,000iu for the last year, and moved to 8,000iu last month.  We haven't had his 25(OH)D levels checked, but he just had his yearly blood workup and his calcium levels are perfect, btw.    I'll order a home 25(OH)D kit and test his blood levels on his next visit, just for shits and grins...  In the 2 years on "just" Vit D3, he has reported so many improvements in the type of odd conditions we all know so well (chronic stiff necks, BPH, allergies, rosacea, blood pressure issues),  that you have to sit up and think hmmmm.    His rosacea, while it involved more redness (actually full body redness / flushing similar to my own issues) than burning or p&p's as did mine, has cleared up faster than my own.  And at his last Derm visit his doc, who has over the last 10 years or so frozen off many pre-cancerous skin spots on each visit, could only find a couple of spots and exclaimed that his skin looked wonderful, asking what he'd been doing.   My dad had just spent several months in Miami and was sporting probably the best tan I've ever seen him have (like me, he now tans without burning unlike he really has since he was much yournger - I'm guessing this has something to do with reduced skin porphyrins).   So reduced skin cancer too with Vit D3, you've got to love this very inexpensive little jewel.   Given the research this is probably not all that surprising, but it certainly is a nice side-effect...Anyway, this is part of the reason why I've decided to try just high-dose Vit D3 alone.   I've been doing this a week or so, and so far so good.      I think I may be experiencing some additional die-off symptoms, mostly sinus, joint and lower leg / foot and lower arm bone related issues.  These are all areas that have seemed to be more difficult to clear for me.  In other areas, I may be experiencing improvement (better mental clarity, increased energy, better sleep, etc).   We'll see how this goes after a few more weeks...Right now as you know, the experts are recommending that NAC (or Amoxi, etc) must be taken continuously, and I think it makes sense to stick with this recommendation for now if possible.   The reason I mention it though is to perhaps give you and Dianna a potential alternative if her doc wants her off most meds and supplements.As for Vit D and cancer, the slide found @ minute 26 in the following presentation by Dr David Feldman, MD at Stanford gives one of the best overviews I've seen of some of the current suspected Mechanisms of Anti-Cancer Activity of Vit D3. They are:1. Inhibits G1/G0 cell cycle arrest2. Stimulates apoptosis3. Stimulates differentiation4. Regulates tumor suppressors / oncogenes5. Regulates growth factors or receptors6. Is anti-angiogenic7. Inhibits invasion and metastasis8. Is anti-inflammatoryBTW, this is a great video on the importance of Vitamin D3, and it includes a very good discussion on the Vit D pathways in general. Towards the end (@ the 20 minute mark), it discusses Vit D3 in relation to cancer, including a nice up-to-date list of the suspected mechanisms involved I copied above.Vitamin D: It's Not Just For Bones Anymore, presented by DavidFeldman, MD, professor of medicine at Stanford: I know in doing some research on Vit D3 and brain tumors for my brother, that there a quite a few studies suggesting it might help with brain tumors as it does with other forms of cancer... While most oncologists and neurosurgeons probably don't believe Vit D3 will help treat cancer at this point, you may want to ask Dianna's doc if he thinks Vit D3 will hurt.   If he/she does not think it will hurt, you may want to think about getting her 25(OH)D levels way, way up.   I personally believe somewhere near 100ng/mL is the level that you may want to take a look at getting to if you have health related issues associated with infections or cancer, where you get max therapeutic effects and are still under the safe upper limit radar that studies now seem to suggest are at 125ng/mL or even 150ng/mL... Anyway, hope this helps.   Tell Dianna we all say hello and are wishing her the best!Dan

Treatment for Rosacea

  • CAP:  01/06-07/07
  • High-Dose Vit D3, NAC:  07/07-11/08
  • Intermtnt CAP, HDose Vit D3:  11/08-01/09
  • HDose Vit D3, Mg, Zn: 01/09-

Dan, Dianna just started D3; now I won't be far behind. I just want to finish the CAP, then I'll hit the D3 as well. 

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Congratulations to Dianna! Thanks for this inspiring update, Ron.

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