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Cpn endotoxin is about 100 times less powerful than Neisserial endotoxin, but there must be a lot of it released, particularly with the active killing by metronidazole. Hence the need for caution at this stage of treatment. The long-term damaging effect of far more potent endotoxins on the CNS is vividly illustrated by this story: which resulted in a letter in the BMJ:

One quite common side effect of Cpn treatment is vestibular disturbance. A number of other medics who treat CFS with antibiotics have noticed this. It can go on for months, tends to have a diurnal rhythm and can be quite incapacitating. Its severity seems to be linked to bacterial load. The diurnal pattern suggests that it may be of host origin, perhaps cytokine. Here's a link to a webpage which notes the association between vestibular disturbance and cognitive deficits.

Sorry, my English is psobably not too good ...I m going trough these pages and agree with most of the things written here. I also experienced the diurnal rhythm and to my impression it is linked to the cortisol level of the blood. I got high fever in the morning (around 10 o clock) and at night at 2-3 am.My child which I breastfed up to this breakdown is also infected and has difficulties in speaking and motor skills. Is there anyone who has experience in treating children (6 years)???

Welcome Ashanty,Recently there has been some other discussion about treating children.  If you click on the search box & type in children treatment and press Search they should come up. Perhaps you could set yourself up on a blog & then add a signature where you may describe your illness & treatments you are taking.  This helps people to answer any questions you may have.Blessings for your journeyCFIDS/ME 26yrs, FMS, IBS, EBV, CMV, Cpn, chronic insomnia, Lymes, HME, Natural HRT peri-M, NAC 2.5 gm, 6-07 Doxy 200 mg day pm, Azith 375 mg M/W/Fday, Pulse#9 750mg 5.5 day, 4-25-8

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