27 Apr 2018

C.Pn. Co-Infection Info


Well many here over the past 7 years or so have discovered that they have more than one chronic persistent bacterial infection.   And like most things there are many ways of thinking about this situation.What to treat first, how agressive to treat, how consitentently to remail on a particular protocol etc etc etc.  Early on I was fortunate enough to actually treat for chronic and active C.Pn.


I suspect that I may have something in addition to Cpn because I have some symptoms that other Cpn sufferers don't have like dizzyness when I try to stand up from the floor For now I am still focusing on Cpn and still getting good results 

I for one have long suspected that I have another codition apart from MS i.e. Lymes Desease.  I often believe that if a lymes doctor were to look at me he may well exclaim "Classic!"Yes, I had the spinal tap (as well as the MRI) and have the classic MS bands.  Notwithstanding that fact, I have put it to my neurology dept that I was never tested for lyme and I feel that I may have that too.  In the UK, if you are Primary Progressive, you don't even get to talk to a neurologist.  Neurologists in the the UK are very, very busy people; they are very busy conducting paid-for drug trials on things like Natalizumab for SPMS and getting £1000 to £3000 per guinea pig patient.G

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The hopeful thing about  Borellia B. (Lyme Disease) is that the Wheldon Protocol taken over the long haul may well take care of this.   There are several other tick borne diseases that require other drugs for treatment and those with these such as babesia and bartonella need to look at those sypmtom patterns and find the treatment that addresses them as well.Personally I tested postitive for Borellia B. after taking Doxy at 400 mg per day for a month.  Some folks call this an antibiotic challenge the 200mg twice a day is a bacteriocidal dose and causes massive die off of C.Pn. and Bb which is why it is so hard on people and they often quit treatment because it lays them so low in energy as C.Pn. is an energy parasite in the body. So stick with the C.A.P. and look into the other tick borne illness symptoms and decide if they may be possibilities  in your individual situation.   We can all have a number of pathogens.   C.A.P. covers many which is wonderful and it is a moderate approach of a longer duration which is sensible.Fortunately for me I was negative for the others that can be tested for and had not symptoms that indicated the others except for the Bb and the C.Pn.   C.A.P. for C.Pn. needs to be addressed first in a moderate way so as not to overwhelm and cause people to quit.  Then as progress is made being open to considering more pathogens is something worth considering.    And you need to learn about these things for yourself as depending on docs to sort it out with out being lead by your questions often leads nowhere unfortunately, that is my opinion at any rate.This website is precious information and those who find it and learn hear are the fortunate ones!   

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As you may have read already, i too am a lymie.  The 6 mth tx i did lasst winter for Cpn/lyme brought out borderline ehrlichia, yersinia and bartonella.  So many of these co-infections are stand alone illnesses, i am realising.  You dont need to have lyme to get yersinia or bart, maybe others , not sure which. atm i am trying to tx the bart with rifampicin - crikey, its hard.  I am only managing 1 pd and little else besides.  Knocked for 6 today!  Oh well battle on.... Po - x  PS - clasic bart is painful feet.  Classic babesia is night sweats.  Lyme   sometimes goes in a monthly cycle.  nhs tests fairly    rubbish - gotta  go private when those tests are negative - i suspect you know this, but for all here. Po - x

Female UK. High EBV, CMV. In winter 12/13 waslow Lyme and Cpn-tx'ed 6mths. Sept 13 -ve lyme, +ve erlichia, bart &Yersinia, starting tx for co-infections also aspergillus

Hi Louise,Thanks for the heads up on co-infections.  I am guessing that Rick's Doctor is paying attention to stuff like that - thankfully, as his specialty is Lyme / Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia...Interesting your mentioning "painful feet" and "night sweats" - I get both, and have Chronic Sinusitis (my Doctor recently corrected me on that - I HAD bronchitis - he treated or is treating that and it's apparently not active now - I have Chronic Sinusitis - also identified as something CPN may cause, and on the front page, while bronchitis is not mentioned there but later).My guess is that this stuff "runs" in familes.  After all - who are you most likely to catch something from but someone you live with in close contact for years!Best & Highest Regards,Tom

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