28 Mar 2021

RIP Dr. Powell


I’m so sorry to say that Dr. Michael Powell passed away in June last year. He had closed his practice and sent back my medical records. He will be missed. I am forever grateful for his humor, wit and intelligence. And for teaching me how to take care of myself and conquer my challenges.



That’s very sad to hear. I know he helped a great many people over the years. Such a loss.

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That is really is sad news

Does anyone know what his Physician Assistant's  name is and where he went?


Oh, terrible news. Raven, I know this is a personal loss to you and I am so sorry.

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Hello Raven, it is very sad news about Mike Powell's passing last June, but I am awfully afraid that since you have only just found out, you might not have heard that David also passed away in January.

It was his second sub arachnoid haemorrhage and he died straight out.


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