18 Feb 2020

Can I leave pulse for few months.


I have been on CAP (weldon) since Aug last year. During this time, owing to liver issues I have shifted from Metro to Tini and from Azithromycin  to Roxi. Most of my issues have been resolved  however two issues still persist.

1.  Continuous tightness  around forehead

2.  Tightness  in area of chest with slight pain in heart.

At the same time I am very worried  about my liver. Is it ok to leave pulse for few months and continue  with Roxi , Doxy and NAC.?Or should  I reduce it to two days instead  of five.


If you have been on CAP since August, to do it correctly you should barely have begun pulsing, so leave it for as long as you like. The longer you leave it the easier it will eventually be.

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

I have been on CAP since Aug. Since I started meteo pulses quite early and later shifted to Tini owing to liver pain and slight yellowing  of eyes (both of which resolved on their own) .  Fromr the past month or two I left Tini too. Now only on Roxi, NAC and Doxi. I have recently started experiencing  fatigue and pain in joints of fingers, like when tryin to hold a glass etc. Also few days back the tightness  around my left chest incereased, so I took Tini pulse for day and a half, the tightness  then reduced. But I realized  that I cannot  take Tini beyond  a day and a half since right abdomen pain had started. Now the abdomen  pain has reduced. But I remain  worried  about the fatigue and pain in finger joints. Since both these are recent additions.

Hello, I am having CPN for the last five years at least. Discovered it only last year. Was on CAP for four months then due to liver issues, stopped CAP for two months. Now again started CAP. This time very slowly. 

For past several years I was having severe migraine, acid reflux, sleeplessness, depression, loose stools, tightness of chest and heart. anxiety, panic attacks etc, severe pain in eyes. 

After continuing the CAP for four months, acid reflux gone, migraine has come down significantly, pain in eyes has almost gone. loose stools have also improved. However tightness of left side of the chest and heart still continues and it very irritating in fact I think that it now pains more. 

It was just by chance I found that I had CPN. I had gone to the lab for testing of the other version of this bacteria. It was just matter for chance that the lab receptionist filled my test form for CPN in place of the other version. Now that's what  I call luck.