26 Jan 2020
Emilyn Robinson Hill

First month of Doxycycline and Roxithymcin


I have finally got organised to do the antibiotics . I’m just 14 days in, and I wanted to ask whether taking one of the Doxycycline 100mg and one of the Roxithromycin 150mgs twice a day once after my breakfast and once after my evening meal is correct? Alternatively should I do the Doxycycline two together in the morning and two Roxithromycin in the evening? I have got some rice biscuits but when I have taken the antibiotics with them I feel nauseous. So far I feel very tired. Just wanted to know what other people's experiences were when they started.


The way you are taking the abx at the moment sounds perfect, Emilyn. Most people find taking doxy on an empty stomach causes nausea and sickness and taking with food is generally recommended. It sounds as though taking the abx after your meals is working fine for you. When you are more used to things, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take all the abx - 200mg doxy and 300mg roxi - all in one go, if you find that easier. For now, though, I would, personally, stick with what you are doing. I’d definitely be sure to take a good probiotic at least a couple of hours after abx. I also find kefir and kombucha, again a couple of hours after abx, helpful. Cheering you on x

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Fatigue was a common symptom when starting the protocol.  I think I really felt some crashing fatigue when I started to pulse the Tinidazole.  I just tried to nap and not ask too much of myself.  

I'll be reading your posts with interests.



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