Submitted by JaneK on Tue, 2018-03-13 09:15

Last Friday i finished my ninth pulse. I felt fairly dreadful and struggled through a day for a concert  we had booked ages ago.Saeurday i took doxy and Roxi, as usual. Last month my husband had a preview, but I was tooo tired and bad on my feet to do anything but sit at a table, with friends. He had another preview, this week, but, although not great, I was so much better. Since then, I’ve developed itchy cheek-bones, but, reading through here, I’m not the first. So far, nothing unsightly has developed , but I’m not, at all, concerned. I’ve been struggling this year, but am feeling better. I guess i have, always, to remember that the CAP is not plain sailing. I’d be interested to know if the itch matches the place of my chickenpix sores, 18 or 19 years ago, months before MS symptoms began, but it, really, doesn’t matter, just curiosity! All that matters is that DW has offered us, all, a future.

Yay, progress!

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