27 Apr 2018

Deleting a duplicate post


Perhaps it's just me not being able to see what's in front of me but I'd love to know how to just delete one of my posts. Sometimes, it appears like a post hasn't taken and then one realises that we've ended up with a duplicate post. I wish that I could just delete it.SmileG.


You could post a response (requesting deletion) to your duplicate and the MacKintosh-elf would come along and - poof - she would make it go away.  

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Some of us here are mindful of the huge number of spam applications to join and post on this site, all of which have to be assessed and then deleted. I have no wish to add to the workload any more than I wish to wear out her magic. Anyway, unless a delete button magically appears against user's posts, I will have to use the magic Mack.SmileG.

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―    Abraham Lincoln