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This is a futher update, 18 months after my previous 'recovery post' which was 6 months after commencing CPn protocol.Interestingly, my story took some futher interesting twists, which I want to share, because it may apply to others. Unfortunately, I thought I was better, but I was not. After the antibiotics, many symptoms had resolved, but the chronic fatigue and pain got worse and i had terrible brain fog and headaches. I felt utterly desperate. To cut a very long story short, I discovered the root cause of my illness was exposure to highly toxic mould, which was in my house. What i now know, is that the onset of my chronic fatigure and pain (fibromyalgia) coincided with house renovations which created a bloom of toxic mould in the subfloor.For the record, I have no doubt at all that I had suffered from CPn because the antibiotics DID address symptoms (and i have no doubt at all the CPn protocol addressed respiratory symptoms in my son, because the antibiotics completely fixed his 2-year cough), but I now believe that it was the toxic mould which enabled the CPn infection to take hold in the first place. Toxic mould leads to CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) which is basically a massive inflammatory response and has really devastating consequences for the immune system. I moved out of my house, took cholestryamine and took all the steps outlined in the Shoemaker protocol. I finally made a full recovery which i have now maintained for about 6 - 9 months. Anyway, i just wanted to share this with others. I know this is a CPn website, so i don't wish to dominate it with mould discussion, however, I wonder if there may be others out there who have never even considered this possibility. Best wishes to all of you out there. SD

Having one certainly doesn't preclude having the other.  We're exposed to so many things in our lives!  I'm just glad you were able to figure it out and address both issues.

Raven, an original member here, had the same thing happen.  After knocking down her cpn load, she discovered she was exposed daily (in the workplace) to mold and and worked hard to get rid of that, too.  If you search her more recent posts, you can read about it.

Did you have to give up your home entirely, SunnyDay?

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