Submitted by JaneK on Fri, 2017-10-06 12:32

it’s been a fortnight since i finished pulse 3. After effects were nausea, fatigue, more fatigue, exhaustion,  more aching, basically, every reason to jump off the world. Then it, suddenly, felt so much better! Today, my drop-foot was quite severe, but, as Paul was there, to lean on, i still went for a long, long dog walk. I ache, as much as  before, but, really, that isn’t too much. Sleep has been elusive, i have drunk a little and blamrd that, but I had to drink champagne, at a funeral, two days ago, and, still, felt good  yesterday! i’ve  had night sweats but,  at 49, i think that is probably to be expected!  I think it can be too easy to blame the CAP or MS, for everything, just as GP’s, often, do, but sometimes that is simply the easy, but wrong, feels that my body, all our bodies, know the reality,  we just need to listen! So, in brief, pulse 3 wasn’t bad, but it had its low points,  which feels positive, so in another week, i’ll do pulse 4. and still feel like a pulse virgin!

Hi Jane!

Sorry that you are going through the wars a bit. Me too. After a two day journey and being couped up and crammed in a budget airliner for hours on end, I've now got swollen feet and ankles that resemble elephantitis. Whether that is the MS, the diabetes or a feeling in my bones that I am to be that EuroMillions mega jackpot winner, I just cannot tell. My bloody feet are aching though and my body is weaker than ever.

You mentioned footdrop. If I could get rid of footdrop, I would be so happy. I have an F.E.S. device. If you haven't already got one, please insist on a referral for an assessment for a Functional Electrical Stimulation device. It's rather like a tens machine stimulating muscles on your shin; all activated by a foot switch in the insole of the heel of your shoe. My device is a Godsend. Without it, I'd be Donald Ducked. There is an alternative, mechanical device that is basically an elastic band over the laces of your shoe. They are rubbish; don't be fobbed off with one of those.


“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

Too late SG - i was fobbed off with the elastic thingy, which they said could make my muscles lazy, so to only use it when needed! So i try to put it on during a walk, but it’s so finicky, and i don’t see well and the bits that need to be threaded are finicky, so it’s a no go area! Beside which, my neighbours think i’m on parole now,  as they haven’t seen me wearing the ‘tag’ for a while! But i am on the waiting list for the Tens-like machine. So good to hear it works. 

i hope the holiday was good, and the flight could have been worse ... it could have been Monarch!


MS symptoms from 2001, DX RRMS in 2008, following, a change of hospital who sent me for an MRI, precipitated by some sight loss. Took Interferons, on and off. Prescribed  chemo infusions to slow pro