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What can one do to kill CPN without taking antibiotics?I have read that Ozone can kill one phase of CPN. Will that stop the cycle?

Hi Rachel!

I was a little surprised by your question. Both you and I have been doing this a while now.

As you know, Chlamydia Pneumonia is a three phase organism. It is built to survive. If you were to kill all of the Elementary Bodies that ride around in your bloodstream and leave all of the Reticulate Bodies that have taken over many of your body's cells in tact, those Reticulate Bodies would just seed out thousands of new EBs ready to reinfect other cells in your body. Even if you manage to suppress most of the RBs that have taken over some of your body's cells, many of those RBs will have changed into Cryptic Bodies, the hibernating phase, ready to re-emerge when conditions become favourable again. Hence we must kill it in all three of its phases.

To recap. We use NAC (or amoxicillin) to kill the EBs.

We use doxycycline + azithromycin or roxithromycin to suppress RBs and drive them into their cryptic form.

We use metronidazole or tinidazole to finally kill of CPn that are laying up in that cryptic state.

If you had a kitchen infested with cockroaches, would it be OK just to kill the roaches and leave the eggs? Similarly, would it be OK to kill the eggs and leave the roaches?

Now as far ozone goes, it is a poisonous gas. Ozone or O3 is vital in the upper atmosphere to protect us from powerful rays. When it is down at street level, it is harmful to humans.

I know that a great many MSers have undergone hyperbaric oxygen therapy, including me. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy involves sitting in a vessel that is pressurised with air up to a couple of atmospheres and breathing pure oxygen (O2) through a mask. I absolutely do believe that hyperbaric oxygen therapy kills CPn, along with many other germs. A couple of years ago or so, I wrote an extensive piece about it on this very forum. California may have far better weather and more great beaches than Great Britain but unfortunately it's not such a great place for obtaining cheap, safe and effective hyperbaric oxygen therapy for MS patients. By comparison, Great Britain is certainly great.

I had intended to cite a link to that post that I was on about but, even after a search, I just can't find it. There are plenty of other posts on the subject of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy that the search box will find for you.

That's my take on it anyway.


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I also had  hyperbaric treatment and have promised my husband i'll take the course again, after Christmas, when he can taxi me there throughout the first, intensive, month. It definitely made a difference to my MS and its progression. I hope it'll complement the CAP. if you're looking for alternative treatments, or simply an addition, i thoroughly recommend it.

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Also Rachel, some people have cleared themselves of the infection by the herbal route. Write to Darren, who did this because he couldn't get three right abx in Ireland.  He now seems very fit and well.

SG is quite right about ozone, though. Don't even consider it..............Sarah 

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Ozone therapy seems very controversial. 

There is some research to show that it is beneficial in MS:

There is a group on facebook where you can get more info:

I find it helps me but I use antibiotics as well. I stay away from any injecting etc and I have my own machine. 

You have to be extremely careful with it since the die off can be very heavy, and you can harm yourself if you do it wrong.

You can send a private message if you have any questions.

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