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Hi allI am writing again in the hopes of some advice as i didnt receive much of a response.Summary:51 yr old australian woman, with chronically remitting, unexplained symptoms ie joint pain, headaches, utis, nausea etcI re developed severe thoracic joint pain with headaches late April 17Stem cells ( had a bad cold) in may. Mild asthma like symptoms phx childhood asthma2 days later, 1st episode rapid af2 days after this, respiratory symptoms. Initially thought to be asthma exac by a respiratory infection. Didnt respond to medicationSymptoms are..low grade fever, cough, shortness of breath especially on exertion, chest tightness and a feeling of suffocation.Fever responded to keflex.Tests;Lung function normalCxr and high resolution chest ct normalNo pulmonary embolusHolter monitoring atrial ectopicsNo further bouts of rafStress echo normalSputum m/c/s normalBronchoscopy normal. Lavage cytology and micro normalCpn ( clia , australian biologics) Igg negIgm negMyco igg equivocal, igm negFever has settled since ive been using hourly fortified ceftazidime eye drops for a contact keratitis.Ive tried the NAC and i didnt really notice the nac flu that ive read about with cpn infections.Should i try to be retested using another method before considering treatment ? My hesitance is due to my fear of worsening my tinnitus with ototoxic drugs. Which test is known to be the most reliable?I am unable to work ( no income), have limited tolerance for any exertion inspite of normal tests, normal sounding chest, normal 02 saturations etc.Any advice, support, help would be appreciated at this point.RThankyouDeb.

Hi Millyisfluffy,

i have no medical knowledge, at all! What I do know is I have had problems with a vibrating ear drum, MS can cause problems in unexpected ways,  among the other MS issues, but, although it may come back, the vibration stopped, at some point. if you have belief in this protocol, I strongly advise you to take it. Don't expect overnight miracles and DO expect to feel dreadful, for a while, but stick with it and pay close attention to the small improvements, they'll keep you on track and mark the end of despondency. Good luck. Also, don't expect tests to always be correct! Experience tells me they're often wrong!


MS symptoms from 2001, DX RRMS in 2008, following, a change of hospital who sent me for an MRI, precipitated by some sight loss. Took Interferons, on and off. Prescribed  chemo infusions to slow pro

Hi Deb!

I am even less qualified than Janet. For what it's worth, I'll give you my two penneth.

I have been doing this drug regime for a fair while. I have no lab test results and no tangible proof that CPn is the cause of what ails me (MS). I decided to do this treatment because there is nothing else on offer. The prognosis was only bad and worse. I am certain that doing this drug regime has not made me Ill. If you know of a better alternative, then do try that first. Wishful thinking is not a reliable alternative.

Good luck with whatever you do.

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