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Hello everybody,After much exploring and reading this very informative site, and after much thinking and hesitation, I have decided to finally make my debut on here.I have been suffering from Chronic Fatigue syndrome since being a teenager in the late 1980’s, but have only been diagnosed in 2011. In addition to all the symptoms that chronic fatigue encompasses, in time, I have developed an array of other health problems. Just to mention a few: digestive problems (which actually occurred before the fatigue started), chronic rhinitis (partly resolved removing milk from diet), sleep problems, chronic neck pain, chronic endometritis (PID), chronic intimate itching. All these just coming out of the blue where no serious disease was found.I am seriously thinking of starting the CAP regime. However I have several questions that I would need answered.-I read on this site that chronic fatigue patients are slightly different from other diseases and that the treatment regimen needs a little tweaking from the standard protocol. However I could not find what exactly needs to be done differently. Could somebody explain?-Having suffered from chronic endometritis (PID) for about 8 years, doctors have been prescribing repeated short courses of antibiotics (7 to 14 days) to keep the infection at bay during flare-ups. At the beginning flare-ups occurred every 6 months, while in the last 5 years they occurred almost monthly. This means I have been repeatedly exposed to a wide array of antibiotics, including doxycycline and metronidazole. Although, I must point out that I haven’t been taking doxy nor metronidazole since 2014. At this point the questions is: Can I still do the CAPs?-Also due to repeated non-albicans yeast infections and relentless intimate itching I am now on a long-term treatment regimen of diflucan 150 mg every 3 days. My fear is that antibiotics will worsen my candida problems and I may eventually become resistant to yeast medication (which to a certain extent I already am).-I would like to connect with other chronic fatigue patients on this site to hear about their experiences, successes and failures.Fighting for almost all my life with so many illnesses and symptoms, is daunting and very exhausting. This website is a renewed hope for me.Thank you for your help and time.

Hi Canada,

I've had good luck using caprylic acid to prevent yeast infections. Have been in CAP for 3 yrs with no infections.